Fast Transfer within the Erste Bank Group - FIT (Fast Intergroup Transfer

It is a service through with international payments and collections in EUR, initiated by customers within the Erste Bank Group and partner banks, are made in a fast manner and with reduced costs compared to the standard ones.


  • Fast, by crediting the account of the beneficiary on the day the payment is made
  • Efficient, with costs that are reduced compared to the standard payments
  • Accessible, without restrictions on the value of transfers


  • Beneficiaries of the service: private individuals customers
  • Minimum requirements: the payer and the beneficiary must be customers of a bank within the Erste Bank Group or of an Erste Bank Group partner bank:
  • Currency: EUR;
  • Customers of the bank can initiate payment within the Erste Bank Group on paper, through Internet Banking, Phone Banking and Mobile Banking;
  • Value of transfers: unlimited;
  • Currency date: D+0;
  • The beneficiary account is credited on the same working day on which the payment was initiated.
  • Deadline for reception (COT):
    • 14:00 for paper based payments;
    • 15:00 for payment operations initiated through Internet Banking, Phone Banking and Mobile Banking

Fees for BCR customers

  • Incoming operations: free
  • Payment operations: transfer fee 3 Lei, in equivalent, regardless the transaction channel 

For additional information, you can check the Fees and commissions applicable to private individuals.