Fast Transfer within the Erste Bank Group - FIT 2.0 (Fast Intergroup Transfer 2.0)

It is a service through with international payments and collections in EUR, initiated by customers within the Erste Bank Group and partner banks, are made in a fast manner and with reduced costs compared to the standard ones.


  • Fast, by crediting the account of the beneficiary on the day the payment is made
  • Efficient, with costs that are reduced compared to the standard payments
  • Accessible, without restrictions on the value of transfers


  • Beneficiaries of the service: corporate customers
  • Minimum requirements: the payer and the beneficiary must be customers of a bank within the Erste Bank Group or of an Erste Bank Group partner bank:
Country Erste Bank Group banks Erste Bank Group partner banks
  • Erste Bank der oesterreichischen Sparkassen
  • Erste Group Bank AG
  • Kärntner Sparkasse
  • Salzburger Sparkasse
  • Sparkasse Hainburg
  • Steiermärkische Sparkasse
  • Tiroler Sparkasse
  • Zweite Wiener Vereinsparkasse
  • Bankhaus Krentschker
Bosnia and Herzegovina   Sparkasse Bank BiH
Cech Republic Česká spořitelna  
Croatia Erste Bank Croatia  
Hungary Erste Bank Hungary  
Macedonia   Sparkasse Makedonija
Moldova Banca Comerială Română Chișinău  
Muntenegru   Erste Bank Montenegro
România Banca Comercială Română  
Serbia Erste Bank Serbia  
Slovakia Slovenská sporiteľňa  
Slovenia   Banka Sparkasse d.d.
  • Currency: EUR;
  • Customers of the bank can initiate payment within the Erste Bank Group on paper, through Internet Banking and Phone Banking;
  • Value of transfers: unlimited;
  • Currency date: D+0;
  • The beneficiary account is credited on the same working day on which the payment was initiated.
  • Deadline for reception (COT):
    • 15:00 for payment operations
    • 15:30 for collection operations

Comisioane pentru clienții BCR

  • Collection operations: free
  • Payment operations;
  • Transfer fees:
    • up to 10,000 EUR: 10 EUR;
    • over 10,000 EUR, including: 0.10%, max. 500 EUR;
  • Guaranteed OUR fee*
    • to banks within the Erste Bank Group: free;
    • to Erste Bank Group partner banks: according to the applicable rates for fees;

*in the event that the payer has selected this option

For additional information, you can contact your cash management specialist or the relationship manager.