The MasterCard

With a single touch you make easy payments and you’re always in control of your funds

  • Contactless technology
  • Internet and Mobile Banking
  • Online security through 3-D Secure

The MasterCard

With a single touch you make easy payments and you’re always in control of your funds

What do I get?

Pay with one single touch

You get cashback on your BCR card

24/7 ACcESS 
Via Internet and Mobile Banking

Your payments are safe when purchasing online

I want to know more

With MasterCard and VISA Electron cards from BCR you have a lot of perks:

  • Benefit from George Moneyback loyalty program, and you get cashback in your account
  • Access your account from anywhere, anytime via Internet and Mobile Banking
  • Pay your current utility bills/service invoices at any BCR ATM or MFM
  • Make fund transfers from your current debit card account attached to another account opened with BCR in RON at BCR ATMs and MFMs, such as credit card repayments or BCR loan instalments
  • Top up your mobile phone prepaid card: Vodafone, Orange and Telekom at any BCR ATM/MFM
  • Top up your RATB card online at and at BCR ATMs in Bucharest that feature integrated contactless technology
  • Access a personal overdraft if you collect your monthly salary in a current account from BCR and receive a consumer loan within a limit of RON 500 to RON 40,000 without exceeding 6 net salaries
  • MasterCard and VISA Electron cards are valid for a period of 3 years and are ideal debit cards for managing a current account in RON, with embedded chip technology

The VISA Electron card features contactless technology and can be used both in Romania and abroad for shopping (at POS and online) or cash withdrawals, wherever the Visa Logo is displayed

How much do I pay?

ZERO fees
to have your card issued

ZERO fees
for withdrawals and balance enquiry at BCR ATMs

Additional information:

For amounts withdrawn from a personal overdraft you pay ROBOR 3M + product margin of 10.99 percentage points.

Variable interest is set according to the ROBOR 3M quote for loans granted to individuals through debit cards and is reviewed quarterly by the bank on the first day of January, April, July and October of each year, and will be established depending on the ROBOR 3M value set on the last business day of December, March, June and September, rounded to 2 decimal places + product margin.

How do I get it?


Please come with your valid ID card to any BCR branch.


Sign the Current Account Agreement or the Addendum, as applicable.


1.     Within up to 4 working days you’ll be able to enjoy your BCR MasterCard or Visa Electron debit card!

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