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Visa Platinum

Debit card with premium facilities

Personalized and simple

cashback offers


technology for fast payment


alerts for fraud prevention


Further advantages:

  • Increased safety in transactions due to the integrated chip technology;
  • Maximum security payments over the Internet by registering to 3D-Secure;
  • Unlimited access to the associated current account, through Internet, Mobile and Phone Banking;
  • Emergency services during your travels abroad: emergency replacement of lost/stolen card and emergency cash withdrawal in the event of losing the debit card;
  • PlusinCont loyalty program –  BCR platform with personalised and simple cashback offers;
  • 24/7 access to the largest network of ATMs in Romania: with BCR, as well as abroad for cash withdrawal;
  • SMS alerts for fraud prevention messages.

✦  Special benefits:

  • Health care, legal assistance and travel services included in the package:
    • Health care;
    • Legal assistance;
    • Support in the event of lost or stolen documents;
    • Support in the event of lost luggage;
    • Translator;
    • Travel advice;
  • Agency services;
  • Free access to over 600 VIP lounge areas in airports across the world with the Priority Pass card;
  • Free access to the Business Lounge areas of the Otopeni International Airport of Bucharest and the Cluj-Napoca International Airport for you and a guest.


  • Visa Platinum is a premium debit card attached to your current account in lei, which you can use in Romania and abroad to perform payments (by POS and on the Internet) or cash withdrawals, wherever the Visa logo is displayed;
  • You can opt for additional cards of the same type, so that you can offer access to the same premium services for other users.

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