The Visa Clasic debit card in RON / EUR / USD

Provides you with all the comfort that you need in handling your money. You can take it anywhere with you, within the country or abroad, and you can safely use it on the Internet.

Contactless technology for

fast payments

Review your last

10 transactions at any BCR ATM

Personalized and simple

cashback offers


  • You are protected against the foreign exchange risk, depending on your selected currency: RON, EUR or USD. If the card is used in the USA or in the Eurozone, the customer pays or collects USD/EUR directly with the card connected with the account in the relevant currency;
  • BCR Visa Clasic in USD can be used both in the country and abroad for making direct payments to retailers, over the Internet or for withdrawing cash from ATMs (in Romania, the customer will withdraw lei and, while abroad, the currency of the relevant country);
  • 24/7 access to your funds, both for cash withdrawals from ATMs, as well as for fast payments, free of charge, in the country or abroad, wherever the Maestro / Visa logo is displayed;
  • Easy access to your current account, through the use of our Easy 24 Banking BCR, Internet & Mobile Banking, as well as the Alo 24 Banking services;
  • Brings your favorite products closer, allowing you to make maximum security payments over the Internet by registering to 3D-Secure;
  • PlusinCont loyalty program –  BCR platform with personalised and simple cashback offers
  • You can check the 10 previous transactions in your account with your card at any time, by requesting a short account statement from any BCR ATM;
  • You can access a personal overdraft if you collect your monthly paycheck in a current account open at BCR and we can grant you a consumer credit within a ceiling between 500 RON and a maximum of 40,000 RON, without exceeding 6 net salaries;
  • Transfer funds or pay your utility/service bills* (electricity, water, gas, sanitation, land line and mobile subscription, cable TV etc.) at the BCR ATMs and MFMs;
  • Reimburse amounts for your credit card or loans contracted from BCR in lei;
  • You can top up your Vodafone, Orange and Telekom pre-paid cards at BCR ATMs and MFMs;
  • You can top up your STB SA transport card on-line, on, and at BCR ATMs in Bucharest, wherever the contactless technology is integrated.

*based on signing a convention/agreement with BCR


  • BCR Visa Clasic debit cards with integrated chip technology and contactless are issued in RON, EUR or USD;
  • BCR Visa Clasic is an embossed debit card directly attached to you current account in USD, EUR or LEI;
  • The card is destined for natural persons who make frequent travels abroad, particularly to the Eurozone.

How to get it

  • In order to obtain a BCR Maestro or Visa Electron debit card, you must submit a valid ID in original;
  • Visit your BCR branch to conclude a Current account agreement (for natural persons) or an Addendum 
  • For Lost/Stolen card - immediately call 0800.801.227 (0800.801.BCR), for free, from any national network and +4021.311.10.01, from any national network and from abroad.

It takes only 4 working days to get your BCR Visa Electron debit card! Hurry up and ask for one right now!


  • Regardless of the currency in which it is issued, USD or EUR, we provide a 0.01% interest per year for any funds in your account over 100 USD
  • For amounts withdrawn under your personal overdraft, the interest is: ROBOR 3M + a product margin of 10.99 percentage points
  • The variable interest is set in relation to the ROBOR 3M quote for loans granted to natural persons via debit cards, which is reviewed by the bank on a quarterly basis, meaning on the last working day of January, April, July and October of each year, and shall be set depending on the ROBOR 3M value set on the last working day of December, March, June and September, rounded to two decimals + the product margin.
  • Check the applicable rates and fees below, in our Help Center section

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