Click 24 BankingClick 24 Banking

  • through Click 24 you benefit of substantial fee reductions for transfers made by internet compared to those at the bank desk/ For detailed information, please, see the fees tariff
  • to get customized information, the fee is zero
  • for foreign exchange operations, the fee is zero
  • zero fee for transfers between the accounts of the same client
  • Means of access and schedule:
    • Click 24 Banking BCR is accessible 24/7 and can be accessed directly through
  • Method to identify and authorize transactions through Click
    • For identification, the unique OTP codes are used (One Time Password) generated by the Token device
    • To authorize operations through Click 24 Banking, unique DS codes are used (Digital Signature) generated by the Token device
  • The maximum value of the transactions
    • The maximum value for transactions initiated by customers via Click 24 Banking BCR is 50,000 EUR/transaction or equivalent at the NBR rate valid on the day of the operation (except for transfers between the same customer’s own BCR accounts, and for currency exchanges) 
    • Upon activating the service, the implicit maximum value per transaction is EUR 10.000 (or equivalent at the NBR rate valid on the day of the operation). This amount may be modified by the customer up to the limits mentioned above, by contacting  Alo 24 Banking BCR at  0800.801.BCR (0800.801.227) a toll free number The daily maximum amount which may be transferred, irrespective of the number of transactions is EUR 150.000, equivalent at the NBR rate valid on the day of the operation

1. Customized information available for accounts held at  BCR and activated for this service:

  • For current accounts with/without attached debit card, as the case may be:  available balance, history of the transactions, value and date of overdraft granting, interest/overdue credit balance for the overdraft, viewing the status of the scheduled payment orders, generating and downloading account statements in PDF format and update personal data (through Click 24 Banking BCR) etc.
  • For contracted loans: loan balance, date of contractign the loan, information from the reimbursement graphic, monthly payment rate etc.
  • For the credit cards: the credit limit, used and available credit, minimum amount to be paid, due date, account statement, transactions history, etc
  • For term deposits SUCCES BCR / MAXICONT BCR: account balance, history of transactions, date of establishment, maturity date, date of the last extension and interest type, etc.
  • For deposit certificated with ACTIV BCR discount:  balance of the account, history of the transactions, maturity date, nominal value, purchase value, reimbursement value at the current date etc.
  • customized information for direct debit mandates: details and history of direct debiting instructions
  • customized information for invest funds ERSTE Asset Management: BCR Dinamic, BCR Expert, BCR Obligatiuni – number of fund units owned by the client, value of fund units, history of transactions made with fund units (subscriptions and repurchases), etc.
  • updating personal data:  addition/change/elimination of correspondence address, telephone number and email address.

2. Bank transfers[1]:

  • opening the current account (in the currency in which the client does not hold a current account)
  • attaching a debit card to a current account
  • intra/interbanking transfers in lei and foreign currency, including international transfers from the current accounts with/without attached debit card and from the savings accounts[2], activated for this service
  • initiation planned transfers: without periodicity ( intra and inter-banking in RON and foreign currency), with periodicity – Standing Order (intra and inter-banking in RON and foreign currency), Direct Debit (intra-banking  in RON and foreign currency)
  • change/cancellation/annulment of planned transfers for a later date
  • preferential foreign exchange – foreign exchange is more advantageous compared to that displayed at the bank desks; it is applicable for currencies: EUR, USD
  • opening/feeding/closing deposits on term SUCCES BCR and saving accounts (MAXICONT BCR)
  • purchase of fund units for investment funds EAM, in case the client chose “direct subscription” in his adhesion statement.

[1] Can also have a scheduled character, with or without ciclicity 
[2] For savings accounts, transfers can be performed only from/in the personal accounts