During during January 22th (23:00) - January 23rd (05:00) and January 24th (23:00) - January 25th (05:00) several maintainance operations will take place, as follows:

George, George Go, Click 24, Touch 24, Phone Banking, MoneyGram and Casa Mea will not be available 

- In eBCR and MultiCash aplications the payments, intra-daily transactions and financial status will not be available.

 - MFMs (multifunction machines) will be available in ATM mode.

We remain at your service non-stop at *2227 or 0214074200 (international number).

Loan for financing VAT arising from investments

Credit product for financing VAT arising from investments financed through an investment/mortgage loan granted by the bank.

  • The reviewing and approval process is based on the same documents as for the investment/mortgage loan destined for financing the VAT-less value of the relevant investment
  • A flexible structure of guarantees
  • Fluidization of payments
  • Specialized consultancy from a BCR representative on choosing the optimal financing/guaranteeing solution for your company


  • Destined to cover the VAT expenses arising from the investments financed by BCR through the investment/mortgage loan
  • Granted in lei
  • Revolving ceiling
  • Maximum loan amount depends on the VAT arising from the project financed by BCR through the investment/mortgage loan , correlated with the cash flow analysis for the credit period
  • Drawings based on supporting documents
  • Credit period set according to the schedule of the investment
  • Reimbursement at multiple maturity dates established according to the loaning policies of the bank

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