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Financing of projects with non-reimbursable funds

If you are undertaking projects with European or national non-reimbursable funds (state aids, de minimis aids etc.), you can finance and implement them through BCR!

  • Support for implementing the project
  • Variety of financing products


Designed  for: 

   ✔ Pre-financing and co-financing eligble and non-eligible expenses within projects with non-reimbursable funds

   ✔ Guaranteeing the  meeting of /complying with certain obligations concerning the implementation of projects with non-reimbursable funds

   ✔ proving the financial capacity of the customer concerning the implementation of the project

Currency: RON/EUR


   ✔ Investment loans/mortgage loans for the co-financing of projects proposed by existing or potential/prospect customers

   ✔ Working capital loans for suppliers of goods/services/works within projects with non-reimbursable funds

   ✔ Bank guarantee letters for taking part in tenders, for advance payments, for good standing

   ✔ Special account for the collection of non-reimbursable funds (grant)within the project

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