During during January 22th (23:00) - January 23rd (05:00) and January 24th (23:00) - January 25th (05:00) several maintainance operations will take place, as follows:

George, George Go, Click 24, Touch 24, Phone Banking, MoneyGram and Casa Mea will not be available 

- In eBCR and MultiCash aplications the payments, intra-daily transactions and financial status will not be available.

 - MFMs (multifunction machines) will be available in ATM mode.

We remain at your service non-stop at *2227 or 0214074200 (international number).

Current account

The current account for legal persons is a banking product used by legal entities to manage their payments, collections and cash reserves.

  • no fee perceived when cash deposits are made into the account by authorized persons/representatives of the company in the relationship with the bank
  • the bank applies a spot interest rate monthly for the cash available in the current account


  • Beneficiaries: legal persons
  • Currency: lei/foreign
  • Minimum amount for opening: zero
  • Legal person customers can perform operations to feed the current account with cash and via bank transfer, to release cash amounts upon request and in their favor, to make payments via bank transfer, depending on the available balance.
  • Interest: variable, depending on the available liquid assets
  • Costs: the fees relating to the current account are included in the Standard rate for BCR fees for legal persons, while their level can be adjusted depending on bank policy.

Frequently asked questions

  • The request to open a current account can be made by the legal representatives of the company or by the persons assigned to represent them in the relationship with the bank
  • Based on the conclusion of an Application-Agreement for opening a current account/sub-account, the account is opened pursuant to submitting the documents requested by the bank, relating to the establishment and operation of the company (such as: Certification of company details from the Trade Registry Office, Company articles of association, Tax registration certificate issued by the Trade Registry Office, Resolution (excerpt) of the General Assembly of Shareholders/Associates or Decision of the Board of Directors/sole Director concerning the persons authorized to perform operations in the company account, specifically stating the limits of such mandate; identity documents etc.)
  • The request to open an account shall be accompanied by the following forms:
    • Authorization Rules
    • Signature specimen
    • Delegation
  • Upon opening a current account, the bank will request that the customer declares the identity of its true beneficiary
  • The legal file of the customer shall be updated on a permanent basis, with the customer being liable to notify the bank on any changes arising

Current accounts can be closed:

  • at the request of the account holder
  • upon the bank's initiative, in the following cases:
    • if the holder has caused major incidents relating to payments with checks, promissory notes, bills of exchange
    • in the event that the customer does not comply with the legal provisions in force
    • if the bank, upon consulting RECOM, finds that the customer is de-registered from the Trade Registry, while this decision has not been appealed against within the term provided by law or if the decision was maintained upon settlement of the appeal
    • in the event that, within 6 consecutive months, there is no movement in the current account with the exception of operations relating to the accumulation of interests and fees, the balance of the account is smaller than the minimum limit established by the bank and there are no products attached to the current account
    • other cases provided by the law

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