During during January 22th (23:00) - January 23rd (05:00) and January 24th (23:00) - January 25th (05:00) several maintainance operations will take place, as follows:

George, George Go, Click 24, Touch 24, Phone Banking, MoneyGram and Casa Mea will not be available 

- In eBCR and MultiCash aplications the payments, intra-daily transactions and financial status will not be available.

 - MFMs (multifunction machines) will be available in ATM mode.

We remain at your service non-stop at *2227 or 0214074200 (international number).

Escrow account

It is a bank deposit through which the depositor assigns monetary funds to a beneficiary until the fulfillment of a given set of conditions. The conditions under which the bank shall release the amounts from this account will be agreed in an agreement concluded by the bank with the two parties.

  • builds trust and safety among business partners within a commercial transaction
  • guarantees the use of the amounts according to the written commitment of the business partners
  • you can use the escrow account to ensure the safety of your business


  • Beneficiaries: legal persons as depositors and beneficiaries of the funds;
  • Currency: lei/foreign;
  • Minimum amount for opening: zero;
  • Interest: variable, depending on the available liquid assets.

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