The IDEAL BCR package

Created and tailored for your company

  • Flexibility
  • Efficiency
  • Time-saving


  • Flexibility: choose the components that suit your specific activities;
  • Efficiency:
    • a single package cost that is more advantageous than the individual costs of the mandatory components;
    • discounts for each optional component included in the package;
  • Time-saving: the electronic banking features (MultiCash/e-BCR/Business 24 Banking BCR) allow the customer to easily manage operations performed in the current accounts.


  Components of the “IDEAL BCR” package:


  • Current account in lei
  • Debit card in lei
    • BCR MasterCard Debit in RON or
    • BCR Visa Business Electron for SME's
  • MultiCash/e-BCR/Business 24 Banking BCR service


  • Extra current account in lei or foreign currency
  • Extra debit card in lei or foreign currency:
    • BCR MasterCard Debit in RON or BCR Visa Business Electron for SME's or
    • BCR Visa Business in USD or BCR MasterCard Debit in EUR
  • The IDEAL BCR account in RON/USD/EUR (short-term investments product)
  • single management fee for the ”IDEAL BCR” package (60 RON/month);
  • upon contracting the ”IDEAL BCR” package, previously contracted products and services can be included here;
  • Validity of the ”IDEAL BCR” package: 1 year, with optional automatic extension for subsequent periods.


  • application to receive the ”IDEAL BCR” package/application to modify the ”IDEAL BCR” package;
  • framework agreement for granting the ”IDEAL BCR” package;
  • other documents, specific to each product included in the package, as a mandatory or optional component.

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