The CASA MEA loan

There are so many things you must be aware of when buying a home. The area, the finishing, layout and many more. Apply for a CASA MEA loan from BCR, with fixed installments and you can take care of your more important choices.

  • FIXED INSTALLMENTS in RON, for the first 5 years or for the first 10 years
  • 0.3 p.p. discount of standard interest if you receive salary in a BCR current account

Interest starting from

4,65% per year in first 5 years

You can borrow

up to 85% of the investment value

After credit approval you have

90 days to find your home



  • interest starting from 4.65 p.p./year flat in the first 5 years, then variable made of the reference index ROBOR at 6 months+2.7% p.p. (with 0.3 p.p discount of standard interest) when receiving salary/pension in a BCR current account
  • zero credit analysis fee
  • zero credit management fee
  • zero foreign currency exchange rate risk as long as your income or resources securing credit repayment are in the same currency as the contracted credit


  • you know from the beginning what credit instalment you will have during the first 5 years of 10 years and you have control over your budget.
  • we offer you the chance to also sign at BCR premise the real estate insurance policy for the whole lending period with OMNIASIG VIG
  • you can choose a special current account to run the credit, which is not fee-bearing and which allows only drawings from and repayments for the credit, enabling you in this way to pay your instalments safely and comfortably.


  • NO need of income documents, as the information is obtained from ANAF data basis


  • you can get your credit approval and then in 90 days you can find your home
  • in case you have not found the house you want to buy, we first approve your credit and than you have 90 days since the credit contract signing to find the desired house
  • you can choose both the valuator and the notary you want to collaborate with in this process, or you can choose the valuator and the notary the bank has collaboration contracts with.
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  • purchase/building/rehabilitation/modernization/reinforcement/expansion of dwellings           
  • refinancing other real estate/mortgage loans in progress with BCR or other banks

Minimum amount: RON 45,000

Maximum amount:we offer you up to 85% of the investment value

Maximum term:30 years

Minimum down payment:

  • between 15% and 25% of investment value depending on the locality the real estate is located*
  • 0% in case of loans granted to refinance other mortgage/real estate credits in progress (for the additional amounts granted for expansion/modernization/arrangement you should have a minimum down payment 15% of the additional amount granted depending on the locality the mortgaged real estate is located) 

*for the real estates located in the localities shown in the table below the minimum down payment is of 15%

for the real estates in other localities on Romania’s territory than those shown in the table below, the minimum down payment is 25%








Târgu Jiu


Alba Iulia, Aiud, Sebeș


Miercurea Ciuc




Deva, Hunedoara, Brad


Mioveni, Piteşti


Iaşi, Ciurea, Miroslava, Valea Lupului






Bragadiru, Chiajna, Chitila, Măgurele, Otopeni, Popeşti Leordeni, Ştefăneştii de Jos, Voluntari, Berceni, Dobroești, Mogoșoaia, Tunari, Balotești, Buftea, Corbeanca, Domnești, Pantelimon, Vidra


Oradea, Santandrei


Târgu Mureş, Ludus, Sighișoara


Braşov, Săcele, Sanpetru, Râșnov


Câmpina, Ploieşti, Sinaia




Râmnicu Vâlcea


Cluj-Napoca, Floreşti, Turda, Apahida, Dej




Constanţa, Mangalia, Năvodari, Valu lui Traian


Cisnădie, Şelimbăr, Sibiu


Sfântu Gheorghe


Timişoara, Dumbrăviţa, Giroc, Moşnita Noua, Sag





Real estate guarantees: the credit granting requires the establishment of real estate guarantees in favor of BCR as follows:

  • Mortgage established in favor of the bank over the purchased/built/rehabilitated/ modernized/reinforced/expanded real estate by credit or, by the case, of the real estate which secured the refinanced credit and, to supplement, if the case, another real estate on Romania’s territory (in case of mortgage loans)
  • Mortgage established in favor of the bank over another real estate than purchased/ built/rehabilitated/modernized/reinforced/expanded by credit or, by the case, of the real estate which secured the refinanced credit on Romania’s territory (in case of real estate loans)

Good to know:

  • To bring a real estate as guarantee in BCR favor the respective real estate has to be valued by an authorized valuator, member of the National Association of Authorized Valuators of Romania.
  • The valuation implies the payment of a valuation fee, which depends on the tariff practiced and communicated by the valuator. The valuation payment is done either to BCR, or directly to the valuator, depending on your option for the valuation performance: through a valuator who signed a collaboration contract with BCR, or by your preferred valuator who will sign a services contract with you. 

Mandatory Insurances      

  • Mandatory dwellings insurances (PAD), assigned in favor of BCR.
  • Optional building/buildings insurance which stands for the credit guarantee, assigned in BCR favor; we come to your support and offer you the chance to sign at BCR premise the optional building insurance, for the whole lending period, with  OMNIASIG VIG, although you can also chose another insurance company.

 Optional insurances

  • Life insurance (against payment)  if the eligibility conditions set up by the Insurer are met
  • Complex insurance (against payment),  supporting you in case of unemployment, extended medical leave and total and permanent disability (if the eligibility conditions set up by the Insurer are met)
  • Insurance for serious diseases and partial and permanent disability (against payment),  supporting you in case of risks occurrence of  myocardial infarction, cancer, cerebral vascular accident, partial and permanent disability (if the eligibility conditions set up by the Insurer are met)

Good to know:

To conclude the insurances, you can choose any insurance company authorized by the Financial Supervisory Authority (former Insurances Supervisory Commission).

Credit repayment: is done in monthly total installments, equal or decreasing, in a standard current account or in a current account for credit running, depending on your option.

Good to know:

During the credit contract running, you can at any moment repay in advance, totally or partially the credit. We recognize this right without imposing you the condition to pay a certain minimal amount or a certain number of instalments. In case of partial anticipated repayment, you have the right to choose between:

(1) reduction of monthly instalment and keeping the initial lending period,

(2) keeping the monthly instalment value and reduction of initial lending period, and

(3) reduction of monthly instalment value and the initial lending period




standard interest

CASA MEA BCR – interest for receiving salary/pension in a BCR current account

Total credit value

RON 180,000

Tenor of credit contract

30 years

Number of instalments




(ROBOR 6M = 1.04%)

5.45%/year flat in

the first 10 years

and variable for the rest of lending period:


(ROBOR 6M + 3%)

4.95%/ year flat in the first 5 years

and variable for the rest of lending period:

4.04%/ year

(ROBOR 6M + 3%)

5.15%/year flat in

the first 10 years

and variable for the rest of lending period:


(ROBOR 6M + 2.7%)

4.65%/ year flat in the first 5 years

and variable for the rest of lending period:

3.74%/ year

(ROBOR 6M + 2.7%)

Credit analysis fee


Credit management fee


Valuation cost

RON 370 including VAT







Cost total credit

RON 158,858

RON 140,668

RON 147,403

RON 129,443

Total payable value

RON 336,858

RON 320,668

RON 327,403

RON 309,443

Monthly instalment

RON 1,016

in the first 10 years,

later RON 902

RON 961

in the first 5 years, later RON 876

RON 983

in the first 10 years,

later RON 871

RON 928

in the first 5 years,

later RON 845

* The current interest applicable to CASA MEA BCR credit is flat during the first 5 years or during the first 10 years, depending on your option and variable for the rest of the lending period.

The variable interest is made of the reference index ROBOR at 6 months (ROBOR 6M), plus the flat margin/year (at the percentage shown in the table). Thus, the variable interest rate is changing half-yearly, independent of BCR will, depending on the evolution of the Reference Index ROBOR at 6 months. As a result of this fluctuation, the value of your monthly instalments will rise or fall.

**DAE is calculated in the presented conditions and  it does NOT include the following costs/fees:

Costs of mandatory insurances, respectively:

  • Mandatory dwellings insurance (PAD)
  • Optional insurance of the building/buildings standing for the credit guarantee

Costs charged by third parties, which are not known by BCR:

  • Notary’s fees for authentication and registration taxes of the selling-buying contract in the land register
  • Cost of guarasntee valuation by a valuator who is not contracted by BCR, according to your option.

Fees charged by BCR, for services performed at your request:

  • Sole fee: RON 90 for the services performed included on the request date of the borrower/co-payer/co-payers in the list of tariffs and services displ;ayed at BCR premise.

In case you choose for a total or partial anticipated repayment of the contracted credit, the anticipated repayment fee will be 0.

Penalty interest: is the interest you will have to pay if you did not pay the amounts due to BCR at the agreed due date by the credit contract.

For the cost of other services than those shown above, please, see the Standard Fees Tariff practiced by BCR, available in any BCR unit.

How to obtain the BCR CASA MEA loan

Here are the steps that you need to take to obtain a loan


You present the documents required to analyze your income,

 and we verify if you meet the conditions for the requested amount; Even if you do not have all the documents, you can come and ask about the lending conditions and even get a customized calculation. In that case, you will receive from BCR the “European Sheet for Standardized Information” which includes all the information you need to decide about your credit


Come with all the documents,

 including those regarding the real estate you want to buy, you sign the credit application and the credit analysis is starting internally


You pay the valuation tax,

 and a valuator, member of ANEVAR, will valuate the real estate you want to bring as guarantee


We inform you if the loan was approved, after receiving the valuation report,

after the credit approval, you sign the credit contract, the guarantee contracts, the real estate insurance policy as well as the “European Sheet for Standardized Information”,Then, you will ask the notary to register the mortgage with the national Cadaster and Publicity Agency and to obtain an excerpt from the Land Register and a mortgage registration conclusion which you will bring to BCR


We put the money in the current account,

 from which it will be transferred into the account of the seller, constructor, supplier of materials, etc. or to the financial institutions from which the credit is refinanced.


The main documents regarding income achievement requested to customers:

Customers whose income is reported to ANAF and collected by the customer in the current account with BCR:

  • No income related documents (except the conclusion of an Inquiry agreement for ANAF);
  • In the event of income from salaries, the bank can additionally request a statement from the employer concerning the Income certificate in the following cases:
    • persons employed for a determined period or
    • customers working with their current employer for less than 12 months;
  • In case the current income is higher by over 20% than the income of the previous year, BCR will request additional documents;
  • In the event of income from pensions, it is required to submit the Permanent retirement decision.

Customers not reporting their income to ANAF:

  • Customers for which the income from salaries is not reported to ANAF (employees of MAI, MApN, SRI, SIE, SPP, Police, Gendarmerie, employees of penitentiaries or other entities with special designation)
    • Income certificate (whether or not the salary is cashed into a BCR account);

Customers for which the income from pensions is not reported to ANAF:

  • Recent pension slip or current account statement;
    • Permanent retirement decision;

BCR also admits for calculation other types of income: income from client’s independent activities, other income for determined period collected by natural persons (from other sources0, income from indi idual labor agreements/  boarding contracts of navigators, other income (life annuity, doctor’s scholarships, post doctor’s scholarchips, etc.). 

  • Property deeds for the real estate property nominated as guarantee - depending on the destination of the loan (such as copies of the property deed registered with the Real Estate Register, copies of the cadastre documents).

Ask the BCR representative for a full list of documents required to obtain a loan, customized depending on the destination of your loan!

Do you receive your salary into a BCR account? Bring a statement from employer. Download
You don’t receive your salary into a BCR account? Bring an income certificate. Download

Good to know

  • CASA MEA loan is granted in RON, but if your income, or, by the case the resources securing the credit repayment are in another currency at the moment of credit contracting, or are changed during its execution from RON into another currency, we inform you that you are, or by the case, can be exposed to a foreign currency exchange rate risk. In that case, the possible fluctuations of the foreign exchange rate could affect your monthly payment obligations.
  • Your income can vary during the credit tenor. That is why, a prudent conduct is extremely important; for instance, it is important to make sure you will be able to repay your monthly instalment even if your income goes down.
  • During the period the interest applicable to your credit is variable, according to those mentioned above, the variation of ROBOR 6M index could change your monthly payment obligations.
  • The default payments, according to your contractual obligations, could have serious consequences, starting from the report to the Credit Bureau and the Credit Risks Central Office, with all the consequences derived from that and reaching to the foreclosure both of the goods brought as guarantee, and of your patrimony and/or of your co-Payer and/or Guarantor in case the amount resulting from the guarantee execution is not enough to cover the whole receivable.

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Company managed in dual system 

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