Loans with JEREMIE guarantee

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Choosing the BCR loan for investment, the loan for working capital and/or stocks – with JEREMIE guarantee, you take the benefit of a free of charge guarantee representing 80% from the loan value requested by your company!

This financing is benefiting of the assistance based on a sectoral operational program co–financed by the European Union Structural Funds through JEREMIE Initiative. In specific way, the JEREMIE Initiative is implemented in Romania under the Sectoral Operational Program „Increasing of the Economic Competitiveness”, with funds made available by the European Regional Development Fund.

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  • advantageous conditions for granting loans, comparing with  the bank’s standard conditions (negotiated costs, reduced requirements related to the volume of the additional guarantees etc.)
  • the guarantee commission is (0) zero for JEREMIE guarantee, this guarantee being obtained directly from BCR


  • Loan Destination:   Loan is granted to SME (including start-up) which fulfils the specific criteria for selection, in order to finance the activities under the eligible sectors (excepting mainly the sectors from agriculture, fishing, forestry as well as the projects which already take the benefit of other non-reimbursable financing), carried out in Romania, such as:
    • investments for tangible and intangible assets;
    • working capital  related to the development, consolidation or expansion of the activity;   
  • Loan currency:  RON / EUR.
  • Maximum loan value: EUR 1,875,000 (respectively 937.500 EUR if the activity is from road transport domain)
  • Loan maturity: medium and long term (minimum 12 months and maximum 10 years).


  • 80% from the loan value represents the guarantee granted under JEREMIE Initiative by the European Investment Fund (maximum EUR 1.5 million).
  • other guarantees, according to the specific internal regulations in force.
  • JEREMIE guarantee is a portfolio guarantee granted under “The transparent scheme of minimis aid in the form of loans portfolio guarantees, as part of the implementation of JEREMIE Initiative in Romania”, the scheme approved by the Order no. 1.338/2010 issued by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Business Environment, the minimis aid provider being the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Business Environment, through the Management Authority of SOP ECC.
  • JEREMIE Initiative is financed from EU structural funds, respectively under the European Regional Development Fund, through SOP ECC, Priority Axe 1 “An innovative and eco-efficient production system” the major field of intervention 1.2 “SME access to financing”.
  • JEREMIE guarantee is subject to the De minimis aids rules and does not requires the payment of any guarantee commission.