More refinancing and ZERO fees

Fewer complicated loans. Come to George to refinance your loan from any bank. ZERO fees and 100% online. you

More refinancing and ZERO fees

Fewer complicated loans. Come to George to refinance your loan from any bank. ZERO fees and 100% online. you

What can you do in a maximum of 10 minutes?
You open the George application and instantly get the personal loan. Directly from the phone. 


Now you can more easily enjoy the experiences you have always dreamed of.
You do everything 100% online and you can have up to 130,000 RON on the spot.
And the fixed rates in lei, the personalized interest and zero fees* also come with George Credit.

* File analysis and credit administration fee

You have fixed rates and discounts on interest if you choose insurance, you come with your salary or pension to BCR and refinance loans from other banks

You have up to LEI 130,000 on the spot

You do everything online, with no trips to the bank

You have zero fees (credit analysis and administration)

Fixed interest rate from 6.49%** up to 16,99% for refinancing loan from other banks with insurance options and the salary at BCR

** The fixed interest rate is between 6.49% / year (includes the discount for insurance and the discount for other bank’s loan refinancing together with salary in BCR account) and 15.99% / year (APR from 7.22% to 18.38%) and differs depending on several variables used in the analysis of loan request, history with the bank, income, work duration, current installments and repayment behavior, amount, loan period etc. For example, at a fixed interest rate of 8.49% / year, for a personal needs loan of 20,000 lei, for 5 years, if you refinance a loan from another bank and come with your salary to BCR: Fixed rate: 411 lei / month; Zero credit analysis and administration fee; Total value payable: 24,615 lei; DAE = 8.83%. If you do not (anymore) collect the income in the account, for the same credit: fixed interest 9.99% / year; Fixed rate: 425 lei / month; Zero credit analysis and administration fee; Total amount to be reimbursed: 25,491 lei; APR=10.46%. Monthly insurance cost (optionally added to the monthly rate) 28 lei.

Download the George app and get your fast credit from the George Store

In case you haven't met George yet, you can download him from the App Store or Google Play.

Then, directly from the application, go to the George Store and choose the amount you want to borrow. Simple and fast, you get your credit online in less than 10 minutes.

With George you can refinance an existing loan and receive extra money

You can choose a new personal loan or you can refinance your existing loans with other banks.
Now everything is much easier to get a refinancing loan, directly from the George store.

George: Fast and Simple Online loan.

You need a loan fast or you want to refinance a loan? George is our solution for you! You have at your disposal a fast online loan for your dreams to come true.

Configure your loan with just a few taps on the screen and get your online loan fast. Choose simply and fast the loan amount and the lending period. If you choose to cash the salary in BCR and to refinance loans from other banks, you get a discount of 1.5% and if you ensure your loan you get an extra discount of 0.5%.



George is an example.
Here is an example of calculation.

Let's say that the value of the loan you want to borrow is 30,000 lei to do more than you imagined. You come with the salary to BCR, you choose insurance with us and this is what your 5-year loan would look like


George Refinancing 100% Online

Eligibility conditions

Eligibility conditions for the George loan 100% online


To have incomes from salaries reported to ANAF or cashed in BCR account, or to have incomes from pension reported to ANAF

To not have current overdue debts, including garnishments

To not have recorded significant overdue debts on loans in the past

To be between 18 and 65 years old at the end of the loan if you are employee or up to 70 years old if you are pensioner

Eligibility conditions for loans granted in the branch

Your income is not reported to ANAF or cashed in BCR account or do you simply want a higher loan and you can bring a co-payer? We are waiting for you in the unit with the following documents:

  • Salary certificate (only if customers do not collect the salary in the BCR account)
  • Recent pension coupon or current account statement (only if the pension is not collected in the BCR account)
  • Final retirement decision

I want 100% fast online credit

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