APIA subsidy loan


  • less time required to obtain the loan
  • flexibility in the approval conditions
  • advantageous interest and fees
  • option to extend the loan depending on the extension of the payment period for the APIA subsidy
  • possibility of using guarantees granted by FGCR/FNGCIMM


  • destined for financing the working capital required for the performance of the current activities, up to the moment of effective payments made by APIA
  • eligible beneficiaries can be corporate customers, small companies, certified individuals, individual enterprises, other legal persons who are beneficiaries of APIA subsidies/transitory national aids, which:
    • own a collateral deposit account assigned in favor of the bank, in which the subsidy amounts will be collected
    • undertake activities in the agricultural field for at least 12 months prior to requesting the credit
  • currency: RON
  • the value of the loan can be a maximum of 80% - 90% of the amount to be collected from APIA, depending on the applicable agreement concluded between BCR and APIA

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