“We are advancing the financial literacy and knowledge transfer approach, whereby people gain confidence in their potential and make smart financial choices, both on a personal and business level. We are doing this through the 230,000 people who benefitted of a financial coach session in BCR branches in the first nine months of 2023, as well as the more than 645,000 people who went through Money School courses. We also do this through every conversation we have with the business community, which brings in attention the transformation of the Romanian economy, alongside industry 4.0 and the available sources of financing. Understanding how financial and entrepreneurship literacy, as well as strategic investment and innovation, can positively influence national GDP will help us build country financial resilience. We need to increase our security - financial, energy, food, technological - to navigate through the uncertainty prevailing the international scene. Therefore, our role at BCR is to provide solutions. To be close to the people, to listen and to bring together financial and societal capital, because this is the only way we can talk about a prosperous and inclusive economy despite the overall challenges."

Sergiu Manea, CEO Banca Comercială Română