Savings plan

Your plans fall into place easier if you make monthly savings. Whether you want to set some money aside for your children or yourself, the BCR Savings Plan helps you to raise money with little effort!

  • it's flexible and easily manageable
  • receive an interest bonus for extending plan
  • benefit from safety and protection

Why choose the Savings plan?

    • automatic monthly deposits - you only need to make sure that you have the required amount in your current account upon the monthly due date;
    • the level of the saved amount can be increased at any time, while the schedule for deposits adjusts and regenerates itself automatically;
    • subsequent deposits, as chosen by you, with interest accruing from the date of the deposit, according to the savings schedule;
    • 5 working days grace period to feed your account, during which we will send reminders via SMS;
    • reminder SMS regarding the date of the next deposit;
  • Receive an INTEREST BONUS when extending the plan;
  • If you have a savings plan and you are a minor, you get an interest bonus until you turn 18;
  • Benefit from SAFETY and PROTECTION
    • you always know how much and when to pay; upon starting this plan, you will receive a schedule with the maturity dates, the estimated balance and the applicable interest if the plan is observed;
    • deposits guaranteed by the Deposit Guarantee Fund, under a ceiling of 100,000 EUR, in lei equivalent, per depositor per bank;
  • NO FEES: for opening, feeding, managing and closing your saving plan account;
  • The savings plan helps you teach you kid first steps in financial education, teaching him how to save the money he receives or the allowance.


  • Currency: RON;
  • Maturity (due date): 12 months;
  • Minimum amount required for establishment/deposits: 50 lei (adults) or 40 lei (minors);
  • Frequency of deposits:
    • monthly, according to the monthly plan for deposits;
    • additionally, during the entire duration of the Savings Plan;
  • Settlement: at maturity/upon request;
  • Interest:
    • fixed, you will receive it upon maturity, provided that the plan is followed;
    • can be capitalized - the interest is accrued on the maturity date to the account of the savings plan, with its balance increasing with the amount accrued for the previous period.

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