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BCR Term Deposit

You get a bonus if you open the deposit online

  • You choose the amount you want to deposit
  • You open the deposit quickly and easily
  • George offers you a bonus for the money put aside of 0.2% for deposits in lei for 6-24 months opened through George Internet / Mobile Banking
  • And if you get the income in the BCR account, you receive an additional bonus of 0.2% for these deposits

BCR Term Deposit

You get a bonus if you open the deposit online

What do I get?

You deposit money in your account whenever you want through Internet and Mobile Banking, but also at any BCR unit.

You can open a deposit from anywhere in the world via Internet, Mobile and Phone Banking and you can benefit from automatic deposit extension.

For deposits in lei for 6-24 months opened online; if you get the income in the BCR account you receive an additional interest bonus.

I want to learn more

Maybe you want to save money for your dream vacation, to renovate your house or ... just to have something aside in case of an unexpected event.

BCR Term Deposit helps you to turn any plan into reality and offers you an interest bonus if you open the deposit through George Internet / Mobile Banking; the bonus is even higher if you get the income in the BCR account.

Here are the benefits:

  • You can deposit money in your deposit account at any time at any BCR unit or via Internet or Mobile Banking - you also receive interest on the amounts deposited at least one month before the maturity of the deposit. You can supply your deposit account periodically through the scheduled payment service (Standing Order) - option applicable only for the BCR Success deposit.
  • You can benefit from the automatic deposit extension option and no longer have to worry about renewing your deposit at each maturity.
  • You can open the deposit from anywhere through Internet, Phone and Mobile Banking services.

Moreover, deposits are guaranteed by the Bank Deposit Guarantee Fund, up to a limit of 100,000 EUR, equivalent in lei, per depositor per bank.

Depending on your needs, you can choose between two types of deposits:


  • Currency: RON, EUR, USD;
  • Available for: RON: 3-12 months; EUR: 12 months; USD: 12 months;
  • Minimum starting amount: 500 RON / 200 EUR / 200 USD;
  • Minimum accumulated amount: 100 RON / EUR / USD.


  • Currency: RON,;
  • Available for: 24 months;Minimum starting amount: 500 RON.
  • Even if you quit the deposit prematurely, you receive an advantageous interest, calculated according to the period of holding the deposit.

How do I open the term deposit?


If you are not a customer yet, first open a George account 100% online from home.

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Then access the George app and open a term deposit online, easily and quickly.

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Vreau detalii despre depozitul la termen!

Lasă-ne câteva date despre tine și te vom contacta în cel mai scurt timp posibil.

Prin completarea şi validarea acestui formular sunt de acord ca toate datele cu caracter personal oferite BCR să fie prelucrate de către specialiştii băncii in vederea analizei si soluţionării prezentei solicitări precum si in scopuri statistice.

Pentru detalii privind modalitatile în care datele dumneavoastră cu caracter personal sunt prelucrate de catre BCR vă rugăm să accesați Politica de confidențialitate.

*Câmp obligatoriu

Additional information about deposits

The interest is fixed for the period between the time of purchase and the due date.

You can benefit from:

-       automatic deposit extension - at maturity, the bank is empowered to set up a new deposit, for the same period of time;

-       capitalization of interest - the interest is added to the term deposit account at the deposit maturity, its balance increasing with the bonus amount for the previous period.

A current account is required for the collection of interest and for the deposit liquidation.

The deposit liquidation can be done either at maturity or upon request.

You can appoint an unlimited number of empowerments.

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