BCR Term deposit

Whether you save for a holiday or to redesign your house, there's no need for you to hide your money in the piggy bank. With BCR Term Deposits, it's only a matter of time until your wishes and those of your loved ones will become reality

Why choose the BCR Term Deposit?

  • Deposit money into your account whenever you want to and receive interest for the accrued amounts; you can feed your deposit account periodically, by making scheduled payments (Standing Order) - options applied only for Succes BCR deposit;
  • With the automatic extension option, you don't have to worry about extending your deposit upon each maturity;
  • You can open a deposit anywhere you are, by using the Internet and Phone Banking (Click and Alo 24banking) and Mobile Banking (Touch) service;
  • Receive a bonus interest for term deposits with fixed interest in RON, a maturity between 3 and 12 months, if your receive your income into a BCR account;
  • Your deposits are guaranteed by the Deposit Guarantee Fund, under a ceiling of 100,000 EUR, in lei equivalent, per depositor per bank;


The SUCCES BCR deposit

  • Currency: RON, EUR, USD;
  • Available for the following terms: 3, 6 and 12 months'
  • Minimum amount required for establishment: 500 RON/200 EUR/200 USD;
  • Minimum amount accrued: 100 RON/EUR/USD.

The MAXI PLUS BCR deposit

  • Currency: RON, EUR;
  • Available for the following terms: 24 months;
  • Minimum amount required for establishment: 500 RON/200 EUR;
  • Even if you settle the deposit before it's term, you will receive a preferential interest, calculated depending on how long the deposit was maintained.


Other useful information:

  • Interest: fixed for the period between the time of purchase and the maturity date;
  • You can opt for:
    • the automatic prolongation of the deposit - the bank is authorized to establish a new deposit upon maturity, for the same period;
    • the capitalization of interest - the interest is accrued on the maturity date to the account of the term deposit, with its balance increasing with the amount accrued for the previous period.
  • You are required to own a current account for the collection of interest and settle the deposit;
  • The settlement of the deposit can either take place at maturity, or upon request;
  • You can assign an unlimited number of authorized representatives.

Calculate how much you could save with a RON term deposit from BCR

Choose the deposit tenure
1 month
Do you receive your income at BCR?*

The total amount you save at the end of the period

You gain

*) If you receive your sallary or pension at BCR, we grant you a bonus interest of 0.3%, respectively 0.2%, for RON deposits with tenure between 3-12 months.

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