Romania needs people who are self-confident. Your projects start with self-confidence and with support on our part.

  • fixed instalments for the DIVERS loan
  • insurance option
  • advice for the amount appropriate for the projects which you believe in


installments for all period

Obtain money

fast and easy

Available for

refinancing loans from other banks


Believe in your projects and we will assist you! Practically, here is what we are offering you:

  • Fixed instalments in RON throughout the entire period of the loan; for instance, for a monthly installment of 420 RON, you can borrow 20.000 RON for 5 years, if you bring your salary or pension to your BCR account
  • Zero commission for analysis and loan administration
  • The insurance option, for your own safety and your family's safety
  • Our tip for you is to choose the protection offered by the complete insurance package! For instance, only 24 RON/month in the case of a loan amounting to 20,000 RON protects you in case an unforeseen event occurs in your life, such as: death or involuntary loss of the job, the temporary incapacity to work, total and permanent disability.
  •  Rapid approval and, moreover, you do not need the salary certificate if the information regarding your income is obtained from the database of ANAF (National Agency for Fiscal Administration)
  • The possibility of refinancing with BCR your loans from other banks within a single loan and, at the same time, being granted more money
  •  Useful tools, which could help you make the correct decision at the moment when you need a loan. Visit www.bcr.ro, access the Instalment calculator and find out the appropriate instalment for you. While for a more appropriate understanding of the banking terms, also visit the Glossary of terms.


  • Maximum amount: 110,000 lei, depending both on other banking products contracted and on the level of indebtedness at time of loan application;
  • Maximum maturity:
    • 5 years in the event of new loans and loans destined for refinancing of loans granted pursuant to October 31, 2011;
    • 10 years, in the event of refinancing loans granted prior to October 31, 2011;
  • 1 co-signer accepted.

How to obtain a BCR DIVERS loan?

It's quite simple:


Submit the documents required for the analysis



We will check if you meet the conditions for the requested amount



We will provide the "Standardized European information for consumer loans" document and you sign the loan application, the loan agreement and the insurance certificate



We will inform you in approximately 3 days if your loan has been approved



We will put the money at your disposal in your current account, so that you can withdraw cash or perform transfers



Customers reporting their income to ANAF:

  • No income related documents (except the conclusion of an Inquiry agreement for ANAF).

In the event of income from salaries, the bank can additionally request a statement from the employer concerning the Income certificate in the following cases:

  • persons employed for a determined period or
  • customers working with their current employer for less than 12 months.

In the event of income from pensions, it is required to submit the Permanent retirement decision.

Customers for which the income is not reported to ANAF (employees of MAI, MApN, SRI, SIE, SPP, Police, Gendarmerie, employees of penitentiaries or other entities with special designation).

  • Income certificate (whether or not the salary is cashed into a BCR account).

Customers for which the income from pensions is not reported to ANAF:

  • Recent pension slip or current account statement;
  • Permanent retirement decision.

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