DIVERS Personal Loan

Believe you can make everything possible! BCR supports you with an excellent easy-to-get unsecure personal loan

  • Flat monthly instalments
  • Zero fees for analysis and monthly management
  • Possibility to quickly refinance other consumer loans

DIVERS Personal Loan

Believe you can make everything possible!

What do I get?

For the entire loan period if you bring your salary or pension to BCR 

When choosing the insurance package issued by BCR Life Insurance

Without certificate of employment via ANAF database

For analysis and monthly management

I want to know more

It's time to finally enjoy the plans you’ve been making for months! That’s why you should apply for your DIVERS personal loan!

The maximum amount you can get is RON 110,000 and it varies depending on your banking products and the degree of indebtedness at the time of applying for the loan.

You may request a short or long-term loan as follows:

  • 5 years for new loans as well as those intended for refinancing loans granted by BCR and/or by other banks after October 31st, 2011
  • 10 years for the refinancing of loans granted by BCR and/or by other banks before October 31st, 2011

BCR also provides you with an optional insurance package through BCR Life Insurance to benefit from protection in the event of unforeseen events such as temporary work incapacity, total disability or death.

We can accept one co-signer for this type of loan. 

creditul de nevoi personale divers

How much do I pay?

Loan calculator

Use this loan calculator and find out your monthly instalment 

Required documents

If your income is reported to ANAF:

  • No income-related documents (just a signed Inquiry Agreement for ANAF)

In case your income is generated from your pension you must produce the Certificate of permanent retirement.

If your income is not reported to ANAF (employees of MAI, MApN, SRI, SIE, SPP, Police, Gendarmerie, penitentiaries or other entities with special designation):

If your pension income is not reported to ANAF:

  • Recent pension slips or a bank account statement
  • Certificate of permanent retirement

How can I get the DIVERS Personal Loan?


Produce the documents required for analysis.


We verify that you are eligible for the requested amount.


We provide you with the document "Standard European Consumer Credit Information", you sign the loan application, the loan agreement, and the insurance certificate.


We let you know within 3 working days if the loan has been approved.


You get your money in your current account, so that you can withdraw cash or make transfers.

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