Internet Banking (Click 24)

Safety, accessibility and flexibility

  • non-stop access to your financial status
  • guaranteed safety of transactions performed through Click 24 Banking
  • pay your invoices for free or transfer money to your friends


Easy and secure

24/7 access

Transfer money

instantly to other BCR accounts

Mobile Banking

for free using Touch 24 Banking


Whenever you need to pay invoices, transfer money, or do any operation relating to your accounts, you should know that this can be an easier process.

Here are the advantages of BCR Internet Banking:

  • You are always aware of the status of your account, in real time;
  • Perform fast transfers of money to your family and friends, in the country and abroad;
  • You have permanent access to your transaction history and to the account statement;
  • Perform foreign exchange operations at any time;
  • Pay your taxes;
  • Keep up to date on information relating to loans and credit cards;
  • Reimburse amounts for your credit card.

Whether you are a new or returning customer, you can request access to the Internet Banking service by filling out the form below.

How to connect?

You can activate Internet Banking upon opening any type of current account package or subsequently, in any BCR branch, and you can own it either under a package or as an independent service.

Simple, fast and safe




By accessing the Login* button on this site


directly on

Se also "Guide for the first login"


Generate a security code


By using the BCR eToken mobile app


the Token device


Fill in the authentication data


The chosen username/alias


the previously generated security code


Congratulations! You can now use the Internet Banking service!


Now, you have your bank close by.

We provide 3 authentication methods, valid both for Internet Banking and Mobile Banking. Choose the one that suits you best.


Static password

eToken app


What is it?

a fixed numerical password

an application for smartphones (iOS, Android and Windows Phone) for authentication and authorizing transactions

a device used for authentication and for authorizing transactions

How to get it?

by SMS, on your phone number, right after activating the password (via Internet
Banking or at a BCR branch)

First, you have to activate it at any BCR branch, then download the appropriate
application from App StoreGoogle Play or Windows Phone Store

on the sport, at the BCR branch where the service was activated

Other information

It is changed automatically every 90 days

Allows access to a limited series of operations

You can scan QR codes for a fast authorization of payments




We are concerned with the security of your accounts and transactions taking place through Internet Banking, Mobile Banking and Phone Banking and we can guarantee 100% safety through various measures:

  • Through a unique code valid for a determined period of time The eToken mobile app and Token device are, in turn, protected by a PIN code known only by you;
  • By encrypting data: our Internet Banking services are hosted on servers with SSL encryption on 128 bytes. This means that all information sent by you is coded for you security;
  • With our automatic disconnecting service, you will be disconnected from Click 24 Banking after 15 minutes of idle time. This security measure is useful in the event that you forget to disconnect on your own;
  • By automatic de-activation of login information - after 3 failed login attempts, your login information is automatically de-activated. The purpose is to prevent fraudulent access to your Internet and Mobile Banking accounts.

User guide

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