The BCR Financial Assistant

A coffee on Tuesday morning, a movie on Thursday, shopping during the weekend, a dinner at an Italian restaurant, fuel... It's difficult to keep track of your expenses and you will give up on doing so most of the time. Now, you can have the BCR Financial Assistant do this for you, helping to keep your expenses under control and to give you the desired financial balance.

  • free access if you are already an Internet Banking user
  • you won't spend more than you have planned
  • you are permanently aware of your expenses and how much you have left to spend


  • Maintain a financial balance by always being aware of how much money you have, what you spend it on and how much you borrow
  • Get easy access to charts relating to your income and expenses, easily identify the maximum amounts spent per day or with a certain retailer and, therefore, you are in full control over your finances
  • You don't need to waste any more time writing down every one of your expenditures, since all transactions made with your card is stored automatically, and you will have a long term financial report.
  • You can manage your budget efficiently, set up an expense plan and always be up to date concerning the amounts saved with the help of the most advanced automatic forecasting tool for expenses.

How to activate it?

You can activate it exclusively from within Click 24 Banking, in two ways:

  1. From the home page, access the "My financial assistant" menu (Asistentul meu financiar)
  2. From the "Settings" menu (Setari) -> "My financial assistant settings" (Setări Asistentul meu financiar)

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