Pay your bills free of charge!

Enjoy ZERO commission for bill payments, straight from your BCR account, no matter how you choose to pay them.

Internet Banking

Our Internet banking service, Click 24 Banking, is distinguished by:

✔ a modern, easy to use design;

✔ fees that are 50% lower than those at the desk;

✔ permanent access to your transaction history and to the account statement;

✔ increased safety for all transactions performed through BCR's Internet Banking solution.

Mobile Banking

Here are a few important reasons to try our mobile banking service, Touch 24:

✔ monthly subscription provided for free;

✔ fingerprint based biometric authentication;

✔ simplicity and ease of use, being the easiest method to perform fast banking transactions;

✔ since it is an app installed on your phone, the data consumption is significantly reduced.


We provide banking services in a very simple manner, directly to your phone. Take us with you wherever you are and you will be able to perform transactions without depending on the bank desk or your computer. Furthermore, all transactions cost up to 50% less than at the desk, some are even charge-free.

Download the mobile app by using the links below


BCR Alert

Keep up to date at all times, stay in touch with your money!


    ☼ With BCR Alert, you are always aware of the operations that take place in your BCR accounts.

Receive SMS or e-mail notifications, at an address provided by you, every time certain amounts of money enter or exit your account, within the limits that you set for yourself. We won't disturb you during the night - unless it's an outgoing transaction - all the more reason for you to be relaxed.

Budget and analysis of expenses

Always know what you spend your money on, as well as how much is left in the budget that you have previously set.

Here are some advantages that you get with the BCR Financial Assistant:

✔ you are aware of your expenses and how much you have left to spend;

✔ do you ever wonder, at the end of the month, where did all your money go? What if we tell you that you can solve this issue for free? If you are already an Internet Banking customer, activate the BCR Financial Assistant at no extra cost and you will see what we mean;

✔ You won't spend more than you have planned.