Everything in instalments

From now on, through BCR credit cards, you have access to interest-free instalments available for any type of shopping anywhere in the world.

At the mall, during your holiday, either if you pay for your gym membership or you choose the latest smart TV model, you can use BCR shopping cards and you have „everything in instalments”.

You buy anything you want and you choose to repay your shopping in interest-free instalments! Additionally, you benefit from flexibility: your shopping worth at least Lei 200 or equivalent may be repaid in 3, 6 or 12 instalments, depending on its value.

How do you turn transactions in instalment?

Pay for your shopping using
your BCR credit card

BCR sends a text message
with the instalment payment offer as soon as you finish shopping  

Answer via text-message
including the reference of the transaction mentioned in the text message  

BCR transforms the
transaction into instalments and registers it into your account  statement  

Only shopping done during the current transaction month is eligible for instalment transfer.

Choose the most suitable version:

  • Automatic instalment with free membership

Simple and hassle free! You join the automatic instalment payment service by calling InfoBCR - 0800.801. 227 – toll-free from any national network or by filling in and signing the dedicated form in any BCR branch. Once you have joined this service, all eligible shopping will be turned automatically into instalments, depending on the value of your transaction.

  • Activating the instalment payment option via text message

In case you did not receive a text message with the instalment offer, if you want to turn your payment into instalments or in case you want more details, call the InfoBCR free number: 0800.801.BCR (0800.801.227), from any national network! If you join the automatic instalment payment service, YOU CAN NO LONGER request activating other shopping options for the card which you registered in this case.

How many instalments can you choose?

The number of rates depends on the value of the purchase as follows:

Value of the merchant payment in LEI or equivalent

No. of instalments activated by calling the Contact Centre

No. of instalments activated via text message/ by joining the automated service

lei [200, 1000)

3 instalments

3 instalments

lei [1000, 2000)

3 sau 6 instalments

6 instalments

lei >=2000

3, 6 sau 12 instalments

12 instalments



  • 0% activation cost for the instalment plan
  • 0% interest*
  • 0% instalment plan cancelation

*For the amount used from the credit limit and paid in instalments no interest will be calculated, if you abide by the monthly repayment conditions for the „new balance”, as it is written monthly in the credit card statement.

How do you check the transactions which were turned into instalments?

The details for each shopping turned into instalments are registered in the monthly account statement, so that you know your instalment value and how many instalments you have until full repayment.

How do you cancel an instalment plan?

An instalment plan can be cancelled at any moment, in any BCR branch or by calling the BCR Contact Centre. An instalment plan once cancelled can no longer be reactivated.

The amount to be repaid for the shopping transferred to instalments cannot be repaid in advance without waiving the instalment plan. In case you deposit the value of the shopping in advance and you do not request for the cancelation of the instalment plans, the amount to be repaid for the transactions transferred into instalments will not be covered. This amount becomes credit balance or will be used to cover other transactions.