You have countless advantages

ZERO fees without
trips to the bank 

Get your Credit Card 100% online and you have ZERO fees* on issueing and administration in the first year.

Equal interest-free installments anywhere in the world 

Go shopping whenever you want, wherever you want. You have up to 12 installments with 0% interest** on purchases of at least 200 lei.

Up to 55 days grace period

The grace period of up to 55 days valid for any payment, both at merchants and online, anywhere in the world.

* When issuing the card, a 10 lei card delivery fee is processed at the desired address.
** For the amount used from the credit line and paid in installments, no interest will be calculated, if you comply with the monthly repayment conditions of the "New Balance", as it is highlighted monthly, in the credit card statement.

How to get the Credit Card 100% online

Get your Credit Card 100% online directly from George!

You can apply from home in 10 minutes and you also receive it at home in 5 days.


Log in to George and access "Store" from the menu bar;


Sign the ANAF query agreement and receive the personalized offer;


Activate the interest-free installments plan for your purchases free of charge;


Choose or add the delivery address and you're done, the card its on the way to you

Eligibility conditions

You have to be between 18 and 60 years old and you to have a net salary income greater than or equal to RON 1,200 / month at the date of credit card application

You have to be employed with an employment contract concluded for an indefinite period

You must have the salary income reported to ANAF or to receive the salary in the BCR account

I want the Credit Card 100% online

More shopping at rates with no extra cost! You can get between 1,000 lei - 20,000 lei without trips to the bank but only for shopping.

Get your Credit Card straight from the George app without going to the bank. Apply now in 10 minutes and you can have it home in 5 days.

How can I get the credit card 100% online?

I don't have the George app, how do I get my credit card?

Download the George app that suits your phone.
Access the George app and apply for your new Credit Card 100% online.

I am not a BCR client, how do I get my credit card?

Discover everything you can do with George and get your current account and card 100% online, with no trips to the bank.