Mobile Banking (Touch 24)

Your smartphone never leaves your side. You are one touch away from our on-line services, by using the BCR Mobile Banking service.

  • You are not dependent on your computer anymore and you don't have to visit the bank
  • The costs are up to 50% smaller than transactions performed at the desk
  • We guarantee the safety of transactions performed through Mobile Banking

Why Mobile Banking?


authentication via the eToken BCR app


Scan & Pay your bill


free with Internet Banking account



The Mobile Banking service is offered as a bonus upon activating the Internet Banking service.

So here is what is new with the latest version of the Touch 24 Banking app:

  • Remember the username, so that you can access your accounts much faster;
  • A new interface that allows you to login however you prefer: with eToken, password or Token, and we remember your option the next time you open the app.

How to connect?

Do you own an iOs or Android smartphone?


Open the app

Fill in your personal authentication data:

  • The Username/Alias chosen by you
  • The security code
  • Password

Scan your fingerprint

Use your fingerprint to access the application and to confirm transactions. Alternatively, you can opt for a PIN code selected by yourself.


Congratulations! You are now logged into the application.

You can use the Touch 24 Banking up securely for all your transactions.


Ready! You can use the BCR eToken app safely.

Starting today, you can perform transaction at all times, no matter where you are, just by using your phone

*In order to successfully install the latest updates, your Mobile Banking (Touch 24 Banking) application from BCR will request permissions to access:

  • Location – will help you to find easily the nearest BCR Branches / ATM
  • Storage media - You can save the files that BCR is sending you via Mailbox
  • Camera – You will be able to pay your monthly bills by simply scanning the bar code.

The app version available on your smartphone's browser

The app for mobile phones with Internet access, that are not iOS or Android devices.

Here are a few important details which make it worthwhile

  • If your phone doesn't have an iOS or Android operating system, you can take advantage of mobile banking services by accessing on your phone's browser app;
  • For authentication, use your user name given by contract/your alias and the  password/unique code generated by the Token/eToken.
  • You can make payments anytime and anywhere, only Internet access is required.


We are concerned with the security of your accounts and transactions taking place through Mobile Banking and we can guarantee 100% safety through various measures:

  • Through a unique code valid for a determined period of time The eToken mobile app and Token device are, in turn, protected by a PIN code known only by you;
  • With our automatic disconnecting service, you will be disconnected from Touch 24 Banking after 5 minutes and from after 15 minutes of idle time. This security measure is useful in the event that you forget to disconnect on your own;
  • With the automatic de-activation of login information, after 3 failed login attempts, your login information is automatically de-activated. The purpose is to prevent fraudulent access to your Internet and Mobile Banking accounts.

User guide

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