Payment to on-line stores via Click 24 Banking (iTransfer)


You can pay any products that you have ordered from on-line stores directly, through your Internet Banking service, Click 24 Banking. Choose the iTransfer option for payment when confirming the order and it will be processed right away, in similar manner to when you make payments with your card.

How does it work?

If you are a Click 24 Banking BCR customer (our Internet Banking service), you can opt to pay any orders made to partner on-line stores by confirming your payment directly with Internet Banking.

There are only a few steps required:

  • Choose the desired products within the on-line store
  • Confirm your order until the step where you need to choose payment for the products in your cart
  • Select the "24 Banking BCR" option
  • You are automatically redirected to Click 24 Banking, where you will sign in the usual way, with your personal data
  • Authorize the transaction like you would when making a payment, after which you will be returned to the on-line store, where your payment has already been confirmed.

This payment option is granted for free. You will only pay the value of your order.

The transaction is confirmed instantly for the retailer and, therefore, your order will be processed right away.

The entire process benefits from an enhanced degree of security, as applicable to the transactions taking place under the Internet Banking service. The authorization of such transactions is performed based on unique codes generated by the Token device or by the eToken app, which grants you a high level guarantee that no detail relating to your payment method will come into the possession of a retailer that is unknown to you.

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