24 Banking costs

For individuals

Internet Banking (Click 24 Banking)

✔ FREE with eToken

  • Activated under the Current Account (first 3 months), BCR ClasiCont, Xteen / Campus, Comod packages.

✔ 3 Lei Monthly Management

  • Activated under the BCR ClasiCont, Comod, Xteen/Campus packages;
  • Attached to a current account in foreign currency.

✔ FREE with eToken or phisical Token

  • Activated under TotalCont, One BCR, Erste Private Banking BCR packages

Mobile Banking (Touch 24 Banking and m.24banking.ro)


  • The Mobile Banking service is always provided as a bonus upon activating the Internet & Phone Banking services;
  • The authentication method is identical with the one selected for the Internet Banking service.

BCR Alert


  • under the TotalCont package, in the BCR Alert Plus version

*within a maximum limit of 25 messages, for SMS messages; beyond this limit, the cost is of 0.8 RON/SMS.

if the customer opts to only activate e-mail alerts, these are free, regardless of the number of messages being sent.

✔ 5 Lei/Month

  • The optional BCR Alert Plus service for the BCR ClasiCont, Comod, Xteen/Campus packages and for the BCR Current Account

Transactions via electronic services

  • Certain types of transactions initiated through electronic services are FREE or carry discounts of up to 50%, as opposed to those initiated at the desk
  • Check the full details concerning the fees applied in the Standard rate of fees.

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