BCR Alert

Now you don't need to constantly check your account

  • Activate 100% Online using your Internet Banking account
  • SMS or e-mail alerts regarding your transactions

BCR Alert Plus

Get information on all operations performed in your accounts

  • All outgoing amounts from the current account, through all the channels (Internet & Mobile Banking, Phone Banking, POS, online shopping, ATM cash withdrawals etc.), except desks (e.g. cash withdrawals);
  • All entries recorded into the current account for which the service is active, through all channels, except desks;
  • Notification of Standing Order and Direct Debit operations with 1 day prior to their performance;

Confirmation of Standing Order and Direct Debit operations or notifications if such operations have not been performed.

It's easy to activate BCR Alert even online

  • Online activation using your Internet Banking account
  • If you do not own Internet Banking service in order to request BCR Alert Plus, fill out the request form or visit us at your nearest BCR branch.
  • You need to own a current account and a Romanian mobile number

Good to know!

You can activate BCR Alert for any account

We will send you messages for transactions performed with the debit card at ATMs, retailers, transactions in your current account through Click and Alo 24 Banking BCR, through Mobile Banking, through Standing Order and Direct Debit, as well as for incoming transactions (except desk deposits).

Receive messages when the transaction is completed, 24/7, with the exception of messages for incoming transactions, which relate to transactions performed during the 20:00 - 08:00 interval and which are sent during the 08:00 - 20:00 interval.

The transactions for which you will receive an SMS/e-mail must be of at least 100 monetary units in value, with the exception of those performed via Direct Debit and Standing Order.

You can choose to receive alerts via SMS or e-mail, for each type of operation.


The monthly management fee for the BCR Alert service is different, depending on the chosen current account package or on its activation as an independent service.

You can learn more about the costs here.

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