We would like to inform you that the registered office of Banca Comerciala Romana SA was changed from Regina Elisabeta Boulevard, no. 5, sector 3, Bucharest to 15th Calea Victoriei, 3rd district , postal code 030023, Bucharest

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BCR IKEA Campaign


The Annual Actual Interest Rate (DAE) is 6.25% for a BCR - IKEA credit card with a credit limit of RON5.367, used immediately and fully, 40% for cash withdrawals and 60% for an installment payment to traders with 0% interest. The credit limit spent is repaid in 12 equal monthly installments which include full credit repayment and credit cost repayment. Annual interest rate: 15% fixed; Monthly installment: 454 RON; Total payable amount: 5.542 RON; Annual card administration fee: RON 30; Card issuance fee 0 lei, ATM cash usage fee: 3% of the used amount.

Mastercard Premium

Visa taxes campaign