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The Annual Actual Interest Rate (DAE) is 6.25% for a BCR - IKEA credit card with a credit limit of RON5.367, used immediately and fully, 40% for cash withdrawals and 60% for an installment payment to traders with 0% interest. The credit limit spent is repaid in 12 equal monthly installments which include full credit repayment and credit cost repayment. Annual interest rate: 15% fixed; Monthly installment: 454 RON; Total payable amount: 5.542 RON; Annual card administration fee: RON 30; Card issuance fee 0 lei, ATM cash usage fee: 3% of the used amount.

BCR Divers Reduced Installments

Representative example: Effective Annual Interest Rate (EAR): 8.83%, calculated for a personal needs loan amounting to RON 20,000, granted over 5 years; fixed interest rate: 8.49%/year; fixed installment: RON 410/month; loan analysis fee and loan administration fees: RON 0; total payable value: RON 24,614. The offer is valid until the 30th of September, 2018 for clients both refinancing loans from other banks and cashing salary/pension into a BCR current account.

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