Due to system updates, several of the bank’s services will be of-line in the following hours:

- the Internet and Mobile Banking services will be unavailable on 14th June 2019, between 23:30 – 05:30 (total duration: 6 hours)

- international payments through Internet Banking, Mobile Banking and Alo 24 will be unavailable on 15th June 2019, between 07:00 - 15:00 (total duration: 8 hours)


BCR provides the possibility to invest in shares listed on the Bucharest Stock Exchange and on other stock exchanges.

  • Medium and long term investments
  • High risk

Additional information

  • Trading shares on regulated markets is deemed to be a high risk level investment, therefore, it is recommended to keep an investment for a medium or long term
  • Regulated markets provide the advantage of liquidity
  • The performance of the investment arises from the evolution of the price and dividends collected while owning shares
  • Certain formalities must be fulfilled to obtain this product

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