Domestic factoring

A package of services used to finance your commercial receivables, immediately unlock lei or foreign currency cash on the grounds of invoices submitted, we track receivable collection upon the due dates and, optional, we could provide the nonpayment risk coverage against the receivables.

  • Ensures the financing of receivables generated by commercial relationships that involve payment on maturity
  • Diminishes the risks of not collecting the amounts of the invoices generated from the performed sales
  • Monitors the collection of commercial receivables


  • Benefit from a complete package of services, including management, collection, financing and, optional, the taking over of the risk associated with non-collection of receivables
  • Efficiently manage your cash flow by having instant financing
  • Obtain liquidities without blocking assets/security pledges
  • Collaborate with a team of dedicated representatives, with experience in the field
  • Take advantage of having more time for your business, since we will handle the monitoring and collection of receivables generated by your commercial relationships
  • We provide personalized payment terms, so that you can support your partners in the process of selling the products and services offered by your company
  • Eliminate the risks associated with non-collection of receivables, by passing this default risk to the bank
  • Achieve improved financial indicators for your company
  • Access to cost efficient, fast and simplified documentation operations


Domestic factoring helps you to obtain:

  • Instant financing upon request, in lei or foreign currency, for commercial receivables arising from commercial agreements with Romanian partners, for a period of maximum 180 days after the issuing date of invoices;
  • Standard percentage of discounting is 80% of the invoice value;;


  • You must deliver or provide the invoiced products or services to customers
  • You must not assign the invoices in favor of other lenders
  • You must not exceed the 180 days for the invoice due dates

Other important information:

  • Domestic factoring helps to simplify the procedures relating to the management of receivables
  • You get access to information relating the good standing of your customers, current or potential, thus ensuring your operational profitability
  • You have the tools to consolidate your position on the market by supporting your partners

Required documents

In order to have your factoring/financing ceiling approved, you must submit the following:

  • Factoring request
  • Commercial document (contract, order etc.)
  • Financial statements of your company
  • Your approval for consulting the Central Credit Register

For financing, you must submit:

  • A register of the assigned invoices
  • Invoices that indicate the assignment within the Factoring framework agreement
  • Transport documents or any other documents to prove the delivery of goods or the provision of services to debtors
  • Other documents, depending on the commercial agreement 

Factoring transactions are considered implemented upon the signing of the factoring agreement between you and the bank (Factor) and by notifying your debtors on the assignment of receivables under the factoring facility.


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