Due to system updates, several of the bank’s services will be of-line in the following hours:

- the Internet and Mobile Banking services will be unavailable on 14th June 2019, between 23:30 – 05:30 (total duration: 6 hours)

- international payments through Internet Banking, Mobile Banking and Alo 24 will be unavailable on 15th June 2019, between 07:00 - 15:00 (total duration: 8 hours)

VISA Business

In dollars, the VISA Business debit card provides you the permanent control needed for managing payments for your business.


  • possibility of issuing several cards attached to the same account with direct access to the current account balance
  • risks related to holding cash are eliminated
  • efficient means of control over business expenses
  • it's a modern payment instrument, safe and fast, useful during trips abroad, since the VISA logo under which the card is issued is the most used payment system in the world


  • Debit card (all transactions are performed within the limits of the balance available on the card), issued in USD, destined for legal persons. The card can be used both electronically (POS terminals and/or ATMs), as well as manually (ZIP-ZAP imprinters), wherever the VISA logo is displayed.
  • The card can be used for:
    • payment of merchandise and services with retailers that accept cards
    • cash withdrawals from ATM's and bank desks accepting cards (BCR exclusively), within a maximum amount of 10000 RON (RON equivalent) per day.
    • performance of secure transactions on the Internet, by registering to the 3D-Secure network
    • recharge pre-paid cards
    • PIN code replacement at the ATM

Fees and commissions

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