With your overdraft from BCR you have permanently a cash supply at your disposal, that you can use it as you want.


  • from any BCR branch, based on the income statement/the statement of account (in the event the wages were transferred, in the last 3 consecutive months, to a current account opened with BCR)
  • no agreement needs to be entered into by BCR and the employing company; you can request your employer to transfer your monthly wages to the BCR account
  • no collateral or justification needed, as to the future use of the money    


  • 24/7 access to your money, using the debit card attached to the current account
  • multiple uses - cash withdrawals, making payments to merchants, payment of utility bills
  • as the amounts used are repaid, in whole or in part, they may be reused 


  • interest applies only to the overdraft amounts that have been used
  • the monthly payment is represented only by the interest related to the ceiling amount used
  • zero fees when paying using your card to accepted suppliers, in shops or online
  • Purpose: you use the money when and how you want, to solve any personal needs
  • Currency of the loan: RON
  • Minimum level granted: 500 RON
  • Maximum level granted: 40.000 RON, without exceeding 6 net salaries
  • Granting period: 24 months; the overdraft limit  may be extended for additional 24-month periods 
  • Life insurance (optional); thus, your loved ones will be SAFE and PROTECTED if you choose a life insurance policy from BCR Asigurari de Viaţă Vienna Insurance Group SA