• The aggregated value of the goods financed in 2016 was of €220.10 mn.
  • BCR Fleet Management has become one of the Top 5 companies working in the operational leasing industry
  • The company reported a consolidated net profit of 29.7 mn. lei in 2016


Bucharest, March 1, 2017 – At the end of February, BCR Leasing IFN entered into contract No. 100.000, which is a major milestone in its relationship with customers. This contract is part of a larger transaction and involves financing a trailer of €22,500 purchased by GV & Oprean Logistics, of Sebeş, county Alba.

“It is our pleasure to celebrate and even outcount, as of today, this round figure which is the outcome of our strife to support the development plans of the Romanian entrepreneurs. For BCR Leasing, this Contract No. 100000 represents an additional confidence in ourselves that one of our 55000 clients give us, a confirmation of the efforts that we have made over the past few years to bring leasing services where clients are and how clients wish for their businesses”, said Bogdan Speteanu, General Director of BCR Leasing IFN, after he signed the contract.

“The companies that are part of Oprean Group have been working with BCR Leasing since January 2007. Over this entire time, we have financed via BCR Leasing a number of purchases of vehicles and equipment totalling €5.7 mn. We have built together a partnership based on knowledge and mutual trust and our intention is to continue co-operating together successfully to support other future investments of our companies too”, said Mr. Ion Oprean, General Manager of Oprea Group.

Over the past few years, BCR Leasing IFN has provided financing services in all active areas of the national economy. These leasing services have been brought closer to clients by using both BCR’s distribution network and BCR’s partners (dealers, brokers, importers, etc.). At the same time, the permanent optimisation of the internal flows and the investment made in the IT infrastructure have shortened the time of response to clients’ financing applications. In addition to this optimisation, we should add the development of the offered products which we did in order to better respond to the financing needs of the entrepreneurs.

SME’s maintained in 2016 too their share of 84% in BCR Leasing IFN’s client portfolio and the money went primarily to transportation companies (30%), commerce (24%), services (13%), production (10%), construction works (10%), agriculture (6%), as well as in other sectors that requested financing for vehicles and equipment.

In 2016, the aggregated value of the goods financed by the company was of €220.10 mn., i.e. 28% more than the previous year. In accordance with the undertaken objectives, the highest growths were reported in the auto industry (+40%) and light commercial vehicles (+78%), while heavy commercial vehicles grew only 7% but they still hold the top place amongst the financed goods. Financing of equipment leasing operations have grown 28% compared to the previous year.

At the end of the last year, BCR Leasing IFN’s portfolio covered 80% auto leasing auto and 20% leasing for equipment and machines. Vehicle financing covered about 25% of the portfolio, light commercial vehicles covered 10% and heavy commercial vehicles covered 45% of the overall financing projects.

The profitability of the company reached 27.3 mn. lei in 2016 and the total assets increased by 27% on a YOY basis, reaching 1.500 mn. lei, while non-performing exposures continued to improve from 10.6% in 2015 to 9.5% in 2016. Company’s total revenues in 2016 reached 178.7 mn. lei, and the total expenses reached 151.4 mn. lei.

BCR Fleet Management, which is the subsidiary of BCR Leasing IFN, in 2016 became one of the Top 5 players on the Romanian operational leasing market. For BCR Fleet Management, the year 2016 represented a continuation of the up-going trend reported over the past few years, and the obtained results exceeded the planned volume targets. At the end of the previous year, the subsidiary would manage a fleet of 3655 vehicles, i.e. 25% more compared to 2015. 73% of this fleet is managed in a “full service”.

The operational leasing market becomes more mature with every year that passes. Existing customers become ever more aware of how beneficial this product is. Equally, companies that have never used this product before now become more interested, they ask questions, they study these opportunities and we are happy to answer or to provide information. Increasing the share in the full-service segment is a natural consequence of the awareness of the product’s benefits, among both existing clients and the new ones”, said Adrian Lăcătuş, General Director of BCR Fleet Management.

At the end of 2016, the company’s assets continued to grow and reached 205 mn. lei, i.e. 65 mn. lei above the level reported at the end of the last level. Revenues generated by operational leasing transactions reached 64,3 mn. lei, i.e. 61,9 mn. lei more those reported last year. The net profit generated in 2016 was of €2.4 mn.

For the year 2017, BCR Leasing IFN wishes to grow sales over the market average, for all categories of funded products: cars, commercial vehicles, equipment and machines.


BCR LEASING IFN S.A., a member of the “Banca Comercială Română” Group, which is part of ERSTE Group, incorporated in 2001, provides internal financial leasing services for the procurement of vehicles, fleets, industrial equipment and machines, farming machines, medical devices, etc. Through its specialised subsidiary, BCR Fleet Management, the company also provides personalised leasing operation services and fleet management for a large number of light commercial vehicles. BCR LEASING IFN S.A. holds a large national network whereby financing services are provided and has a large portfolio of customers from all industries.


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