Over its 15 years of activity, BCR Leasing IFN evolved together with the leasing market, responding to the Romanian economy’s development needs by means of financing solutions presented to natural and legal persons, whose total volume surpassed EUR 2.2 billion. Almost 50,000 customers enjoyed BCR Leasing IFN services.

Archive data show that BCR Leasing IFN has signed during this period an approximate number of 95,000 contracts with big companies, public sector companies, small or medium enterprises and natural persons, who had access to financing for 106,000 goods. From the total of goods financed during these 15 years, 74% were for vehicles (with 42% for cars, 22% for heavy-duty commercial vehicles and 10% for light-duty commercial vehicles), 20% were for equipments and 6% were for real estate. The company financed 63,300 cars, 12,320 light-duty commercial vehicles, 8,063 heavy-duty commercial vehicles, 5,254 equipments and more than 700 tractors.

“The company’s business strategy is to grow in a sustainable manner by offering specific financial solutions to support our customers, BCR Group’s customers, to help them make their dreams come true: it doesn’t matter if it’s about the personal car, about investing in commercial vehicles necessary in order to develop a new business or about investing in equipments to strengthen current businesses,” stated Bogdan Speteanu, General Director of BCR Leasing IFN.

SMEs represent about 84% of the BCR Leasing IFN customers, and financings are directed towards commerce (31%), transport (10%), production (10%), constructions (8%), services (5%), agriculture (3%), IT (3%), private health services (2%), hotel industry (2%), energy, as well as any other economic field whose development demanded using leasing in order to optimize mobility or for retooling.

During the last few years, our company’s leasing services were brought closer to the customer, as they are present in the company’s own network of offices in the big cities and in BCR offices, as well as in our partner’s sales network (dealers, brokers, importers etc.). Moreover, the continuous optimization of the internal flows reduced the reaction time regarding retail customers’ financing requests, as now it only takes a few minutes.

In 2015, BCR Leasing IFN profitability peaked RON 26 million, and the market share increased to 9.4%. The volume of new contracts increased by 72% as compared to the previous year (EUR 149 million as compared to EUR 86 million). Car leasing financing doubled, with the highest increase recorded in the area of commercial vehicles, whose level increased three times as compared to the previous year. In the area of equipment leasing, there was an increase of 46% as compared to the level in 2014.

At the end of last year, the BCR Leasing IFN portfolio included 81% car leasing and 19% leasing for equipments and machineries. Car financing represented 22% of the portfolio, light-duty commercial vehicles, 7%, and heavy-duty commercial vehicles, 52% of the company’s total financing.

Also, the total assets volume increased by 19% as compared with the previous year, reaching a value of RON 1,220 million, while the non-performing exposure ratio improved from 13.4% in 2014 to 10.6% in 2015. The company’s total incomes in 2015 reached a level of RON 360 million, with total expenditures at RON 334 million.

Through its subsidiary, BCR Fleet Management, during the last two years, the company became an important player on the operational leasing market, as well. At the end of 2015, the portfolio managed by BCR Fleet Management included about 3,000 vehicles, with an increase of over 50% as compared to the end of 2014. Most vehicles delivered in 2015 were based on contracts signed with big companies, both Romanian and international, as well as with public institutions. The highest percentage belonged to customers with activities in the fields of energy, logistics and transport, as well as in media or FMCG.

At the end of 2015, the company’s assets continued to increase, reaching a value of RON 140 million, with about RON 78 million over the level recorded at the end of the previous year. In 2015, the income from operational leasing reached a value of RON 17 million, meaning RON 10 million more than the previous year’s value. The net profit in 2015 was of RON 1.7 million.

In 2016, BCR Fleet Management aims to increase the portfolio at a level of 4,000 vehicles, by developing its relations with the customers of the BCR Group.

“BCR Leasing owes its success to its customers who, during these 15 years, have travelled this road together with us, experimenting challenges and fulfilments, rethinking our businesses in terms of stability and transiting an emerging economy while satisfied with the success. We would like to thank our customers for the trust they put in us by accepting us as their partners,” added Bogdan Speteanu.

For 2016, BCR Leasing IFN aims to increase sales with 10%-15% as compared to 2015, betting on cars, commercial vehicles, equipments and machineries.


BCR LEASING IFN S.A., a member of the Banca Comercială Română Group, which is a part of the ERSTE Group, founded in 2001, offers internal financial leasing services for the procurement of vehicles, fleets, industrial equipments and machineries, agricultural machineries, medical equipment, etc. Through its specialized subsidiary, BCR Fleet Management, the company also offers personalised operational leasing services and fleet management services for a high number of cars and light-duty commercial vehicles. BCR LEASING IFN S.A. owns a wide national network which offer financing services, as well as an important portfolio of clients from all fields of activity.

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