Bucharest, 04 January 2016 – Lucian AnghelLucian Anghel, Directorate President and Director-General of BCR PENSII, has been appointed President of the Executive Committee of BCR “Banca pentru Locuinţe” (BCR BpL), following NBR’s authorization.

BCR BpL is a market leader for saving-crediting products in the housing sector. The bank offers advantageous products which are not affected by currency risks or interest risks, as they are granted in RON, and the interest rate is constant throughout the loan payback period. Thus, clients are aware of the actual value of their monthly instalment at any time, from the beginning to the end of the crediting period. Moreover, our clients do not pay loan-granting fees or early payback fees, as BCR “Banca pentru Locuinţe” offers only products with 0 (zero) loan analysis fee, 0 (zero) early payback fee, and the evaluation of the house presented as guarantee is free; furthermore, for loans granted based on the saving-crediting contract, clients may benefit from free life insurance.

BCR BpL has a deposit balance of over RON 2.6 bn. BCR BpL’s portfolio includes over 386,000 saving-crediting contracts, the concluded contracts amounting to RON 2.5 bn. BCR BpL’s granted credits portfolio increased by 16%, reaching a value over RON 176 million.

With a PhD in Economics, Lucian Anghel graduated from the Faculty of Economic Cybernetics, Statistics and Informatics, which is a part of the Bucharest University of Economic Studies, and took the courses of a postgraduate programme at the Georgetown University in Washington, U.S.A., as well as those of an executive development programme at HEC Montreal, in Canada.

Lucian Anghel’s career began in 1996, as a banker. He was promoted gradually, in positions such as adviser of the bank’s president, deputy director of the team implementing BCR’s structuring plan, managed by EBRD and IFC, and deputy treasurer. Beginning with 2007, he was Chief Economist and Executive Director of BCR’s Strategy and Research Department. For 5 years, Lucian Gheorghe was a member of Erste Asset Management and BCR Asset Management’s Board of Directors. In 2011, he also worked as an external expert for the World Bank.

In 2008, together with two other colleagues, Lucian Anghel founded the Romanian Association of Financial-Banking Analysts. He is a lecturer at the National University of Political Studies and Public Administration.

In 2012, Lucian Anghel was appointed Director-General of BCR Pensii.

Recently, Lucian Gheorghe was re-elected, for a second term, as President of the Council of Bucharest Stock Exchange.

The saving-crediting products have a long life cycle. Customers conclude a saving-crediting contract for an amount that reflects their housing plans. They deposit a certain amount into the contract’s account or the saving-crediting account on a monthly (or annual) basis, until the saved amount accounts for 50% of what is necessary. This approach to providing housing comfort in the future requires some planning of your own financial resources and long-term individual financial discipline.

The State is encouraging people’s effort toward the improvement of their own housing situation, their endeavour to give up immediate consumption in order to make long-term investments in housing. The State is encouraging people’s effort by granting them a premium of 25% of their annual savings, which do not exceed 250 EUR/year (equivalent in RON). At the end of the saving process, depending on the extent to which allocation conditions are met, customers get the right to take out a loan amounting to 50% of the contracted. The bank provides a fixed interest rate on both the saved and the borrowed amounts.

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Banca Comercială Română (BCR), a member of Erste Group, is the most important financial group in Romania, providing universal banking operations (retail, corporate & investment banking, treasury and capital markets), and covering specialty companies working on the leasing market, private pensions and housing banks. BCR is Romania’s No. 1 bank in terms of asset value (€14,4 bn.), in terms of client base and in terms of savings and crediting. BCR is also Romania’s most important financial brand, judging by the client trust rate and by the number of persons who consider that BCR is their main banking partner.

BCR uses a network of 22 corporate business centres and 23 mobile offices devoted to corporate clients, and 509 retails units located in most communities inhabited by at least 10,000 citizens in order to provide a full range of financial products and services. BCR is Romania’s No. 1 bank running on the banking transactions market, since BCR customers have the largest ATM network at their disposal – nearly 2,000 ATMs and 13,500 POS terminals, enabling customers to use their cards for shopping purposes, as well as the complete Internet Banking, Mobile Banking, Phone-banking and E-commerce services.

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Erste Group is one of the main suppliers of financial services in Eastern European Union. About 46,500 bank officers working in 2,800 branches in seven countries (Austria, the Czech Republic, Croatia, Hungary, Romania, Serbia and Slovakia) assist 16.2 mn. customers. Erste Group reported a total asset pool worth €202,6 bn. and a 56.1% cost-to-income ratio at the end of Q1 of 2015. First-ranking common equity index (Basel 3 implemented partially) has improved to 10.2%.

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