BCR Banca pentru Locuinţe – information campaign for saving-lending products

  • BCR Banca pentru Locuinţe is meeting the dwelling needs of its clients by an offer of advantageous housing credits.
  • Besides the benefits of the credits in RON with low and fix interests of 5% or 6% pee year,  the clients of BCR Banca pentru Locuinţe also enjoy zero credit granting fees and the chance to win prizes for their homes refurbishment.

Bucharest, May 20th 2013 – BCR Banca pentru Locuinţe (BCR BpL), the market leader of saving-lending products for housing is meeting the dwelling needs of its clients by an offer of housing credits in RON with small and fix interests of 5% or 6% per year for the whole credit period by launching an information campaign regarding the saving=lending products matching the dwelling needs of the Romanians and which support in a well balanced and responsible way the management of the family financial resources.  

In this way, the clients of BCR Banca pentru Locuinţe can achieve their house improvement projects with lower efforts and benefiting of small interests and pot ZERO fee for credits analysis and granting.

Besides the offer of accessible housing credits in RON, BCR Banca pentru Locuinţe also offer the clients who want to start their housing project earlier anticipated credits in RON with a fix interest of 8% per year until the contract is perfected and turn them into actual housing credits with a fix interest of 5% or 6% per year, depending on the type of the chosen product.  

“Clients planning to improve their house can sign a saving-lending contract, either for the monthly saving of a certain amount of money, or for a faster anticipated financing. Within the campaign period – May 13th – June 21st, 2013 – those willing to sign saving-lending contracts for minimum RON 40,000 and pay at least the opening fee and two monthly saving installments can win one of the 31 prizes of RON 35,000 total value consisting in shopping cards valid in retail shop networks for construction materials and house arrangement”, declared Carmen Schuster, Vice President of BCR Banca pentru Locuinţe.

For instance, in case of a saving-lending contract “Locuinţa Plus” for RON 40,000, the monthly saving installment recommended by the bank is of RON 260. After 40 months since the contract signing, the client reaches the distribution phase and can request for the housing credit worth RON 22.940, with a fix yearly interest of 5% for a 5 years period (60 months) during which he will pay a fix installment of RON 440/month. If the housing project is urgent, the client can apply for a bridge type anticipated credit with a minimum down payment of 10% from the contracted amount (minimum RON 4,000). The anticipated credit worth RON 40,000 is granted for 44 months, with a fix yearly interest of 8% and for which the monthly installment will be of RON 287. Besides the monthly credit installment, the client will go on saving for 39 months to get the contract distribution and to turn the anticipated credit into a housing one with a fix yearly interest of 5% for a 5 years period (60 months).

All lending products offered by BCR BpL are granted at ZERO fee for the file analysis, ZERO valuation fee and ZERO early repayment fee.  

“Through lending products in RON with fix interest for the whole contract period we are meeting the wish of any good householder to improve his home and at the same time a calculated one, who plans his family budget on a long term. BCR BpL does not charge a credit granting fee and our clients are guaranteed fix monthly installments for the whole period of the contract with the bank”, added Carmen Schuster, Vice President of BCR Banca pentru Locuinte.

The credits granted by BCR Banca pentru Locuinţe for housing have as possible destinations: modernization, expansion or purchase of a dwelling, house or land, refinancing some housing credits or setting up an advance for other housing credits.

Other advantages of the saving-lending housing contracts signed with BCR Banca pentru Locuinţe are: a State secured premium granted during the saving period which during the recommended saving interval (5 years) brings in certain mounts the clients cannot obtain from any other financial product on the market, fix interests offered for the whole contract period and last, but not least, deposits safety which are secured by the Bank Deposit Guarantee Fund within the limit of EUR100,000 , in RON equivalent. In addition, the system also encourages saving, supports lending relaunch and improves the dwelling fund.

The saving-lending contracts for housing can be signed with BCR BpL directly in the branches and agencies of Banca Comercială Română (BCR), as well as through BCR BpL own distribution network, respectively by the direct sales force and BCR BpL partners.

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BCR Banca pentru Locuinţe (BCR BpL), subsidiary of BCR GROUP specialized in collectively saving and lending in the housing field, was opened in July 2008. The main shareholders are Banca Comercială Română (BCR), România – majority shareholder with 80% of the shares – and S Bausparkasse der oesterreichischen Sparkassen, specialized bank in saving-lending of ERSTE GROU, Austria – 20% of the shares.

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