Savings account

You never know what opportunities can come your way and when you could need to call on your cash reserves. Therefore, BCR MAXICONT gives you full independence and flexibility when talking about your savings.

  • You can withdraw cash anytime
  • You can also deposit cash anytime
  • You can open it on-line right away

Why choose the Savings account?

  • Benefit from a flexible product which rewards you with an advantageous interest when you save and without penalties when you need money;
  • Have unlimited access to the amounts in your account. You can make deposits and withdrawals in any BCR branch, while Click 24 Banking or Touch 24 Banking eliminate the need to visit the bank;
  • We can also handle the transfer of amounts exceeding a certain ceiling, from the personal accounts indicated by you, to your savings account, without any costs;
  • Your deposits are guaranteed by the Deposit Guarantee Fund, under a ceiling of 100,000 EUR, in lei equivalent, per depositor per bank.


  • Currency: RON, USD,  EUR;
  • Minimum amount/minimum balance: 500 RON, 250 EUR, 250 USD;
    • Make deposits any time, with amounts of at least 50 RON or 50 EUR/USD by:
    • Depositing cash in any BCR branch;
    • Click 24 Banking or Touch 24 Banking;
    • Standing Order - periodical transfers from the current account, either under a fixed amount, or by establishing a maximum ceiling for your current account balance - any amount exceeding this ceiling will be transferred automatically to the savings accounts;
    • Intrabank transfers;
  • Make withdrawals whenever you want to, for any amounts, by:
    • transfer into the current account;
    • if the daily balance of the savings account drops below the minimum ceiling, the available amount, together with the interest, will be transfered into a current account and the savings account will be closed;
  • You can assign an unlimited number of authorized representatives.

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