What do I get?

You set the fund and the monthly amount you want to invest, the day of the month you want to invest (for example it can be the day you get your salary) and the program term (for how long you want to invest monthly).

Also through Capital Plan you can diversify your portfolio in order to reduce the investment risk. You can open several Capital Plan programs on different funds and, thus, you can build your own diversified investment portfolio.

The mutual investment funds that you can access through the Capital Plan service are managed by the professionals from the investment management company SAI EAM

I want to know more

Investing is easier than you thought. Opportunities come and go, but perseverance is what helps us overcome every obstacle and continue to pursue our dream. And it's nothing more disciplined than a monthly Capital Plan investment plan.

-        Through Capital Plan, you automatically invest part of your monthly income in one or more mutual funds for a short, medium or long term, depending on your needs and objectives: studies, down payments for important acquisitions, vacation, achieving financial comfort at retirement. And if your needs or goals change, you can change the Capital Plan service at any time.

-        You can activate the Capital Plan service on one or more funds managed locally by Erste Asset Management Romania

-        The minimum amount for activating the Capital Plan service is 100 RON / 20 EUR

-        All you have to do is go to a BCR unit and choose: a mutual fund in which you want to invest monthly, an amount to invest and a subscription date, and month by month, this amount will be automatically invested in the chosen fund.


(1) This material is for informational purposes only and is NOT a recommendation for products to invest in financial tools or an offer to contract the financial investment products or services to which this material relates.

(2) For the subscription of fund units through BCR it is necessary to sign a contract for providing financial investment services with the Bank.

(3) BCR does not assume any responsibility regarding the returns of the instrument portfolio.

(4) Mutual funds are not savings products, banking products or direct stock market investments.

(5) The past performance of mutual funds is not a guarantee as to their future performance. Read the issue prospectus and key information about investors (DICI) before investing.

What funds can I invest in and how much do I pay?

  • Here are some examples of mutual funds for which you can activate your Capital Plan service:
  • Activation, modification and cancellation of the Capital Plan program are free of charge.
  • After activating the Capital Plan service, you can modify at any time without additional costs, the following characteristics: the current account debited periodically, the amount invested, the debit date, the closing date of the contract.
  • The subscription fee will be charged for each monthly subscription.
  •  Monthly subscriptions are automatically recorded in chronological order if the current account balance covers, at the date of payment, the amount you set for the recurring investment. No partial payments or subscriptions will be made.
  • Complete information about the mutual funds managed by SAI ERSTE Asset Management can be found on www.erste-am.ro. Currently, you can activate the Capital Plan service only on mutual funds managed locally by Erste Asset Management Romania.

Required documents

  • Identity document
  • Contract for providing financial investment services actively on behalf of the investor
  • Signing the Adhesion Form for that fund
  • Signing the Periodic Subscription Form for that fund

How do I open Capital Plan?

If you are already a BCR client, schedule your visit to the bank and come with your identity document to a BCR unit, for:

  • Signing the contract for providing financial investment services
  • Making an initial subscription to the fund (s) in which you wish to invest periodically
  • Activation of the Capital Plan service (or you can activate the service by calling the numbers mentioned in the Active Financial Investment Services Agreement)

If you are not a client, open a George account 100% online from home

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