Your cash reserve at your disposal

  • Reuse repaid amounts
  • Pay interest only for the amount you use
  • 100% Online

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Your cash reserve at your disposal

  • Reuse repaid amounts
  • Pay interest only for the amount you use
  • 100% Online


Extra interest discount if you apply for Life Insurance

You get it on the spot, 100% online, directly from your smartphone or any device

If you don't use it, you don't pay

I want to know more

Unforeseen things can happen anytime. In order to keep your monthly budget flexible, when you run low on funds, you can always borrow from a reserve worth a maximum of 4 net salaries.

You have the cash reserve available without any other documents or procedures, 100% online directly from George Store.

Moreover, you use the money as you wish, without justifying yourself.

Download the George app and get your personal overdraft, 100% online and fast from the George Store 

In case you haven't met George yet, you can download him from the App Store, Google Play or Huawei AppGallery.

Then, directly from the app, you go to the George Store and choose the amount you want to get. Simple, 100% online and fast, you get your cash reserve.

How much do I pay?

  • There are no fees or costs for opening, administrating, using or reimbursing.
  • If you don't use it, you don't pay. You pay a monthly interest only for how much you use from your cash reserve.

Calculation example - 5,000 lei

You used: 5,000 lei

Interest 16%

Calculated depending on IRCC (2%) + fixed margin 14% corresponding to a DAE value of 17.23%

(Calculated taking into consideration that the current interest rate and other costs remain fixed and apply until the end of the contract)

Granting period: 24 months, with the possibility of automatic extension

Minimum monthly payment amount: 66.67 lei

In total, at the end of the 24 months, the total amount returned is represented by the amount used together with the interest for the 24 months which is 6,600 lei

How can I get it 100% online?


Log in to George and access "Store" from the menu bar


Select "Overdraft" and see the steps you need to go through


You electronically sign the ANAF Agreement to receive your personalized offer


You can choose life insurance that offers you interest discount and protection


Confirm the salary account in which you will receive the cash reserve


And that's it! Your cash reserve will be available into your account

Watch demo video here

I am not a BCR client, how do I get account overdraft?

Then discover everything you can do with George and get your current account and the card 100% online, without trips to the bank.