Choose the PRIMA CASA loan from BCR!

  • BCR is the biggest supporter of Romanians in terms of home purchasing
  • 51,000 houses received funding from BCR within the Prima Casa program
  • 1 out of 4 Romanians who bought their house through Prima Casa program chose BCR
  • Interest rate: 2% + 3 month ROBOR, 5% minimum down payment, no fee for analysis

Variable interest

2.86% per year


0 for analysis


5% advance


  • Installments in lei with a 2.86% interest per year (ROBOR 3M + 2%)*
  • No analysis fee
  • No currency risk
  • Financial approval valid for 90 days; in the event that you didn't find any real estate property that you wish to purchase, we will approve your loan and you will have 90 days after concluding the loan agreement to find your home.

*The interest is variable and is calculated depending on the ROBOR 3 month reference, published on the last working day of the previous month, to which a margin of 2% is added.



  • Maximum amount:
    • 57,000 EUR in RON equivalent with loans granted for finished homes
    • 66,500 EUR in RON equivalent with loans granted for new homes, built on the grounds of permits issued after February 22, 2010, and for future homes which are to be build by individual beneficiaries
  • Maximum maturity: 30 years
  • Minimum advance: 5%
  • Mortgage guarantees
  • The loan is granted within the available funds allocated by the Ministry of Finance.

How to obtain a BCR Prima Casa loan?

Iată care sunt paşii pe care trebuie să-i urmezi pentru obţinerea creditului:


Bring us the documents required for analysis

and we will verify if you meet the conditions for the requested amount


Submit all the documents, receive the "Standardized European information for consumer loans"

and sign the loan application


After paying the analysis fee, an external assessor agreed by the bank will make an assessment of the real estate property nominated as a guarantee,

and we will inform you if the loan has been approved


After the Bank has approved the loan, you can get approval from FNGCIMM (National Guarantee Fund for SMEs)

and, pursuant to such approval from FNGCIMM, you will sign the loan agreement, the security agreements and conclude the insurance policies


We will provide the money in your current account,

where you can use it to make transfers into the account of the seller, contractor, supplier for materials etc., as applicable


  • Identity documents (for you, your family members and, as applicable, for people co-signing the loan with their income);
  • Marriage certificate or divorce order, as applicable (in copy)
  • Documents certifying income

Customers reporting their income to ANAF:

  • No income related documents (except the conclusion of an Inquiry agreement for ANAF);
  • In the event of income from salaries, the bank can additionally request a statement from the employer concerning the length of the individual labor agreement in the following cases:
    • persons employed for a determined period or
    • customers working with their current employer for less than 12 months
  • In the event of income from pensions, it is required to submit the Permanent retirement decision

Customers not reporting their income to ANAF:

  • Customers for which the income from salaries is not reported to ANAF (employees of MAI, MApN, SRI, SIE, SPP, Police, Gendarmerie, employees of penitentiaries or other entities with special designation)
    • Statement from employer (for customers receiving their salary into a BCR account)
    • Income certificate (for customers not receiving their salary into a BCR account)

Customers for which the income from pensions is not reported to ANAF

  • Recent pension slip or current account statement
  • Permanent retirement decision
  • Property deeds for the real estate property nominated as guarantee - depending on the destination of the loan (such as copies of the property deed registered with the Real Estate Register, copies of the cadastre documents).

Documents certifying the advance: sale-purchase pre-agreement, receipt authenticated by a Notary etc.

Documents relating to other loans/credit cards/overdrafts from other banks, if applicable

Authenticated statutory declaration stating that, upon the date of requesting the loan, you do not own any real estate property, exclusively or with your spouse, regardless of the manner or the time it was obtained, or that you own no more than one property, exclusively or with your spouse, obtained in any other way than under this Program, with a net area smaller than 50m2

Specific documents, depending on the destination of the loan: purchase or construction of real estate etc.

For example, if you wish to buy a home, you will be asked for:

  • The property's sale-purchase pre-agreement
  • The property deed for the real estate under the scope of the agreement (in copy)
  • Statutory declaration of the seller, according to Law 10/2001, concerning the fact that such real estate assets are not under claims or any disputes
  • Excerpts from the cadastre documents (in copy)
  • Energy efficiency certificate

Ask the BCR representative for a full list of documents required to obtain a loan, customized depending on the destination of your loan!

Do you receive your salary into a BCR account? Come with your Statement from employer. Download form
You don't receive your salary into a BCR account? Bring a income certificate. Download fom

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