BCR Safe Deposit boxes


  • safety of deposited valuables (jewelery, various collectibles, valuable documents, wills, bonds, stocks, property deeds, certificates of deposit);
  • confidentiality of operations;
  • eliminate the risks of theft from your home.


  • Varying sized boxes;
  • deposited goods are not declared;
  • distinct locks and keys (the box key is assigned to the depositor, while the bank key is held by the cashier);
  • use the boxes to store:       
    • metal and gemstone jewels;
    • bank notes;
    • various collections (Romanian and foreign coins, historical objects etc.);
    • valuable documents;
    • objects that are undetermined in value;
    • wills;
    • bonds, stocks, property deeds, certificates of deposit

The Customer/Depositor

  • concludes an agreement to rent a safe box in 2 copies (1 for the bank, 1 for the depositor) and will receive the box key; the renting period is between 1 month and 12 months with the option to extend;
  • can establish a maximum of 2 authorized persons to have access to the safe box;
  • can make operations with the box and consult the valuables (depositing/removing valuables);
  • when the valuables are completely returned, a protocol will be signed to this end
  • has access to the personal safe box during the business hours of the branch.


✔ 100 lei/month + VAT


* The fees may change depending on the bank's policy and the changes will be displayed at the headquarters of the bank.