Insurance for severe illnesses

It is an insurance that can only be sold together with the life insurance.

It is an optional insurance for the loan agreement, covering the following events:

  • Myocardial heart failures
  • Cancer
  • Cerebrovascular accidents
  • Partial or full disability

Advantages and benefits


  • in the event of cancer, cerebrovascular accidents, myocardial heart failures, partial or full disability
  • financial security for your familiy in case of unfortunate events pursuant to the above
  • BCR Asigurar de Viata Vienna Insurance Group pays up to 100% of your loan balance in case any of the insured events occur


  • small costs and easy access


  • no stress relating to the reimbursement of loan installments in case any of the insured events occur


  • The insured amount represents the balance of the loan (the amount to be reimbursed from the full amount of the loan) but no more than the initial amount of the loan
  • It is concluded in the same currency as the loan
  • Date of commencement for the insurance: upon signature of the insurance certificate
  • The liability of the insurer starts:
    • upon financing the loan in the event that the insurance is contracted at the same time as the loan
    • at the date of signing the insurance certificate, if the insurance is contracted pursuant to the loan
  • Age of the insured person
    • when starting the insurance: at least 18 and no more than 50 years old
    • when exiting the insurance: 65 years
  • Monthly insurance premium: 0.025% of the initial value of the loan
  • Payment frequency: monthly

Find out more

  • Want to know if you are eligible?
  • The procedure for a claim?

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