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Phone Banking (Alo 24)

You can order food by phone, you can call a cab by phone, so why couldn't you use your phone to pay your bills? Now, you can do it with our Alo 24 Banking service in the easiest manner.

  • a safe and confidential service
  • you can call us when you don't have Internet access
  • a BCR Contact Center Specialist is always at your disposal, 24/7


Costs for calling from Romania

0 Call from any national network

2 minutes per transaction

2 Fast when you don't have enough time

Access to your accounts

24/7 You always know how much money you have in your account in real time


  • Call from any national network;
  • Get information relating to your accounts;
  • Benefit from a preferential exchange rate;
  • Perform transfers between your accounts;
  • Open and close deposits and savings accounts;
  • Pay invoices to suppliers with the help of predefined template;
  • You can set up automatic payments with Direct Debit and Standing Order.

How to activate it?

The Alo 24 Banking BCR service is bundled into the Internet Banking package.

You can call anytime, 24/7, at the following numbers:

  • 800.801.BCR (0800.801.227), toll free, from any national network
  • +4021.407.42.00, at standard rates, from abroad

What can be done with Phone Banking?

About your current accounts, you can find out

  • The available balance;
  • Your transaction history for the previous 90 days;
  • The value of and date of granting the overdraft;
  • The balance of the interest or the balance of the overdue credit for the overdraft;
  • The status of payment orders.

About your loans, you can find out

  • The balance of the loan;
  • The date of contracting the loan;
  • Information relating to the reimbursement schedule, the monthly installment.

About your credit cards, you can find out

  • The credit used and available;
  • The minimum amount to be paid;
  • The maturity date;
  • Account statements, transaction history etc.

About BCR SUCCES and MAXICONT term deposits, you can find out

  • The balance of the account;
  • The transaction history;
  • The date of establishment and the maturity date;
  • The date of the last extension and the type of interest.

About ERSTE Asset Management investment funds, you can find out

  • The number of fund units owned;
  • The value of the fund units;
  • The transaction history relating to fund units (subscription and redemption).
  • Open a current account (under the currency for which you do not own a current account);
  • Attach a debit card to a current account;
  • Intra/interbank transfers in lei and foreign currency, including international transfers, from current accounts and from savings accounts, as activated for this service;
  • Initiate scheduled transfers: without periodicity (intra/interbank transfers in lei and foreign currency) or with periodicity - Standing Order (intra/interbank transfers in lei and intrabank transfers in foreign currency), Direct Debit (intrabank transfers in lei and foreign currency);
  • Change/cancel transfers scheduled for a later date;
  • Foreign exchanges at preferential rates, particularly for EUR, USD, GBP, CHF, CAD, AUD;
  • Open/feed/close BCR SUCCES term deposits and BCR MAXICONT savings accounts;
  • Redemption of discounted deposit certificates;
  • Purchase fund units for EAM investment funds, in the event that you have selected the "direct subscription" option in the membership deed.

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