When they help you build the house of your dreams. That’s DOR™

Get a chance to win prizes in money for building and design/refurbishing

Find out what suits you in any BCR branch. Promotion valid from 15.08.2018 to 15.11.2018, both dates included.

Stay close to the loved ones

Send and receive money via BCR in just a few minutes: it’s safe and easy!

*Depending on the working hours and the local regulations.

Campaign "Transfer money through MoneyGram and BCR rewards!"

When you transfer money through MoneyGram to BCR between 15.08.2018 and 15.11.2018 you have the chance to to win prizes in money for building and refurbishing!For any sending or receiving transaction made in BCR during the promotion period, you can win:

  • 2 monthly prizes consisting of a gift card DEDEMAN in value of 2.000 RON each, or
  • 50 monthly prizes in value of 100 RON each

Terms and conditions apply 


  • simple and convenient: the amounts can be sent or collected without any form required;
  • accessible: the service is available in the entire network of BCR units;
  • fast: the amounts can be collected within minutes after they have been sent to and from any corner of the world;
  • safety of the amounts received-sent through MoneyGram and BCR;
  • high amount per transfer allowed: the maximum amount to be send is USD 8,000 per transaction. The limit for send transactions is depending on the country of destination regulations

Do you hold a current account opened with BCR and wish to receive money using  MoneyGram? You may dial for free BCR Contact Center at 0800.801.227, and your money shall be transferred into your BCR account by a simple phone call.

If you wish to transfer the money received by MoneyGram into your account it is important to hold an account in the same currency in which you received the money.

Your benefits if you receive money by phone call:

  • Swift transfer of the money into your account opened with BCR
  • Extended availability of the service Contact Center (24/7)
  • Possibility to further make payments and money transfers directly from your BCR account
  • Cash withdrawal at any hour from BCR ATMs, with 0 lei fee, for cards in RON


This service allows the electronic transfer of cash from/to any MoneyGram agents, with fast and easy sending-reception of money around the world, without requiring the use of bank accounts or forms. MoneyGram is a service with global coverage, available in 190 countries and territories, with a network of over 227 000 units.

  • there are no fees for collecting the money, you will receive the exact amount sent in the currency chosen by the sender;
  • advantageous rates, depending on value groups, depending on the amount you wish to send;
  • the amount received is available within 10 minutes after it was sent from abroad;
  • the transactions are performed in:
    • EUR, USD and RON for transfers from Romania to abroad;
    • EUR, USD and RON for payments to beneficiaries in Romania, depending on the option of the sender;
  • will receive the amount transferred, in EUR, USD and RON, in cash or in the owned BCR bank account. The maximum amount to be transferred or received for a client is 8 000 USD per transaction.

How to receive money via MoneyGram and BCR?

  • Visit the nearest BCR branch and submit a valid ID (ID card, Passport);
  • Provide:
    • the reference code received from the sender;
    • the amount expected, under the name of the sender;
    • the country from which it is sent;
  • Collect the full amount, without extra charges.

How to send money?

BCR and MoneyGram facilitate the steps required for a fast transfer of your money


In any BCR branch

Visit the nearest BCR branch and provide a valid ID


Deposit the Amount

Amount you wish to transfer alomg with the coresponding MoneyGram fee


Provide the Receiver data

Check that the provided information is correct in the automatic receipt


Receive MoneyGram transaction identification code

Receive a reference number (secret number) which you will only communicate to the person receiving the money


Money available in 10 minutes

Receiver can access the amount in 10 minutes maximum.

Will receive the amount transferred, in EUR,
USD and RON, in cash or in the owned BCR bank account

The maximum amount to be transferred or received for a client is 8 000 USD per transaction.


The beneficiary doesn't pay any fee for collecting the amount, while the sender will only pay the transfer fee, which is calculated depending on value groups.

BCR is a MoneyGram agent for providing money transfer services. MoneyGram International Limited is a payment institution authorized for the European Economic Area (EEA) and regulated in the UK by the Financial Conduct Authority. MoneyGram, the slogan brings you closer and the globe are registered trademarks of MoneyGram. All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners. © 2018

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