Due to system updates, several of the bank’s services will be of-line in the following hours:

- the Internet and Mobile Banking services will be unavailable on 14th June 2019, between 23:30 – 05:30 (total duration: 6 hours)

- international payments through Internet Banking, Mobile Banking and Alo 24 will be unavailable on 15th June 2019, between 07:00 - 15:00 (total duration: 8 hours)

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With BCR gift card, I make the best surprises.


  • Non-nominal card, no current account attached
  • Validity: maximum 1 year (until the last day of the month printed on the card)
  • Available both in Romania and abroad for shopping made at POS & Online

Target Beneficiary:

  • Persons older than 18 at the date of signing the Application for issuing the Card Prepaid
  • Romanian citizens domiciled in Romania or citizens of a Member State of the European Union / European Economic Area / Swiss Confederation and residing in Romania, certified by documents issued by Romanian competent authorities

Place to buy it from any BCR bank unit.

When and where to fund the card?

Only once, at the time of purchase of the card, in the BCR bank units, with a minimum of RON 50, maximum RON 4,015

What transactions can you make?

  • Payments to accepting merchants *
  • Internet payments on secure 3DSecure sites *

* Daily limit for payments to accepting merchants or on the internet: within
the available card limit


Card issuing fee 15 RON

Card Replacement Fee (Reason - Damaged by the client, Other Reasons)

15 RON

Card Replacement Fee (Reason - lost, stolen, manufacturing damaged – out of order, blocked on fraud reasons)



Security code reprint fee

Currency conversion fee1 2% din valoarea operațiunii
Redemption / withdrawal fee of the available amounts, from bank units – at the bank desk2 
Inactivity card fee3

1it is calculated at the value of the authorized operation

2 Applies:

  • if the Holder requests the redemption of the electronic currency during the contracted period;
  • if the Holder requests the redemption of the electronic currency after he has unilaterally denounced the Contract;
  • if the Holder requests the redemption of the electronic currency more than one (1) year after completion of the Contract upon expiration or termination by MoneyToPay. 

The Holder will not owe a fee for the redemption of the electronic currency in the following cases:

a) in the first (1) year after the expiration of the Card;

b) in the first (1) year after the completion of the Contract by reaching or terminating the Contract by MoneyToPay.

3 It is charged:

- monthly, starting with the 2 nd year after the Card expiration date, and is applied for the retention of electronic currency

If the Holder wishes to terminate the Contract within 15 days of its completion, MoneyToPay through BCR undertakes to return the entire amount existing on the card as well as the card issuance fee.

Useful information

Do you need quick access to your prepaid card information?

Go towww.moneytopay.ro or www.m2p.ro :

  • Log in by entering the existing data on your card.
  • Available information:
    • card balance
    • transaction records
  • Operations that can be made:
    • requesting security code reprint
    • updating the mobile phone number to send the 3Dsecure password required for online operations

Call Contact Center, available 24/7: 

  • 0040 21.311.1001 callable from any national and international network at normal price rate.
  • Available services:
    • Card lock (temporary / permanent)
    • Card unlock (temporary lock only)
    • Unlocking the security code:
      • Unlocking the security code can only be done if the security code has been wrongly entered 3 times, and the security code verification was been done online;
      • If the security code was entered incorrectly 3 times, and the security code verification has been done off-line, unlocking the security code is not possible. In this case, the card will be replaced without charging the card replacement fee.
    • Record of the performed operations
    • Balance information
    • Updating the mobile phone number to send the 3Dsecure password required for online operations.