MasterCard Sticker

Stick and pay with MasterCard Sticker from BCR! Fulfil your wishes with a portable accessory that can be attached to your mobile phone or any other item you wear on you daily

  • Benefit from maximum safety thanks to chip and contactless technology
  • You can use the accessory in Romania and abroad
  • You no longer need your debit card when shopping

MasterCard Sticker

Stick and pay with MasterCard Sticker from BCR!

What do I get?

Pay with one touch 

Get cashback on
your BCR card

To online operations through George 

Go shopping wallet free  

I want to know more

What is a portable or wearable accessory? MasterCard Sticker is available in 3 versions: Standard, Gold and Platinum and can be attached to your BCR current account in RON. It is an innovative technology that replaces the need to pay with a debit card to merchants (POS).

The small accessory/sticker can be applied to your mobile phone or any other object and offers a new shopping experience. It's fast, easy and secure!

Here are the benefits we have prepared for you:

  • Enjoy zero fees for accessory issuance and contactless payments to merchants;
  • Discover new routes on with the portable MasterCard accessories

Make the most of your experiences in over 40 cities around the world and turn an ordinary trip into one to remember!

  • You get cashback into your BCR account through George Moneyback;
  • You can use the accessory both on the territory of Romania and abroad;
  • You enjoy a 4-year validity for your portable accessory;
  • For a charge you can get your portable accessory by courier to any address on the territory of Romania.
card de debit BCR

How much do I pay?

For card issuance

RON 3/Month
For portable accessory management and maintenance 

For more information, please access Standard fees for individuals

How do I get it?


Come to any BCR branch with a valid identity card.


Sign the contract documentation or additional document, as appropriate. You can get the portable accessory directly via courier or in any BCR branch.


Within up to 4 business days you can enjoy your new MasterCard sticker.