Summer stories are more colorful with the Xteen BCR Package!

Find the perfect story! Deposit money on your BCR card and win prizes in offline


  • Up to 15% discount in the BCR partners network for purchases made with BCR cards;
  • Eliminate the risks associated with the use of cash by using the card;
  • Wherever you are, your parents can make direct transfers to your account, with the funds available instantly;
  • 0.20% interest bonus for contracting any Savings Plan product, for all Xteen BCR package holders, age below 18;
  • You can choose between the BCR City Card and a Visa Electron card with a lovely design.


This product is dedicated to teens aged between 14 and 18.

Products included in the package




Current account

Currency: Lei

Destination: management of various amounts, scholarships, allowances, pocket money

Debit card

Visa Electron Xteen BCR

  1. With transactional limit
  2. Without transactional limit

BCR City Card

Free transaction-related features

Cash withdrawal from BCR ATMs

A maximum of 3,000 lei/10 transactions/day

Balance inquiry at BCR ATMs

24/24 hours, 7 days a week

Topping up of pre-paid cards at BCR ATMs

The largest available network of ATMs

Package price: 0 LEI

Get it for you

Grab one of your parents and come to any BCR location! Don't forget to bring your IDs!


  • 0 fee for managing the account, cash withdrawals and inquiries relating to your balance at BCR ATM's.
  • 0 fee for topping up your pre-paid phone card at the ATM
  • 0 fee for using your card when shopping

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