BCR Xteen Package

Choose the coolest account for teenagers with BCR Xteen Package!

  • Cards with modern design
  • Supersavers in the Cinema City network
  • Fast payments with contactless technology
  • Quick and easy access to your pocket money

What do I get?

For account management,
withdrawals and balance enquiry

For ATM mobile top-up 

For card payments 

I want to know more

BCR Xteen Package is specially designed to help you when you need money quickly. Your family transfers money in your account and you get it right away.

Moreover, you get a 0.20% bonus interest on opening any savings plan if you are under 18 years of age.

Choose the card you like: BCR City Card or Visa Electron – both have a nice design and come with many attached surprises!

The package offers you a current account in RON, so that you can manage different funds (scholarships, allowances, pocket money) and a debit card with or without a limit.

You can make the following operations free of charge:

  • ATM BCR cash withdrawal: Up to RON 3,000/10 transactions/day
  • ATM BCR balance enquiry: 24/7
  • ATM BCR card top-up      

We have another surprise for you: We send you to the cinema every TUESDAY! Buy a ticket in the Cinema City network using the Xteen or BCR City Card and get a second FREE ticket. To benefit from the free ticket, produce at the counter your student ID valid for the current year, both for you and your peer.

The promotion is valid in the Cinema City Network only for 2D and 3D tickets and only for those tickets with the special rates for pupils and students.

4DX, VIP and IMAX tickets are not included in the promotion. The promotion is not valid for tickets that already offer other discounts.

There are only 9,000 tickets available for this promotion, so... hurry up and grab them now! 

How much do I pay?

The price for BCR Xteen
Package is RON ZERO 

For other operations and services, consult the Tariff of fees and commissions applicable to individuals.

How do I get it?

Come along with one of your parents to any BCR branch and you get it on the spot.  

Required documents

Valid ID

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