COMOD BCR - dedicated to retired persons

The payment of invoices and collection of pension have never been easier. The COMOD Current Account package is tailored to provide permanent access to your money and satisfy your most important banking needs.

  • Current account with debit card attached
  • Deposits carrying preferential interest rates
  • Overdraft amounting to three net pensions


  • SMS Pension Alert - free SMS alerts for the collection of pension funds;
  • 0.20% interest bonus for Lei deposits;
  • Zero fee for cash withdrawals from any BCR ATM;
  • Zero fee for checking the balance of available funds, at any BCR ATM;
  • Zero fee for making purchases with the card;
  • Overdraft amounting to three net pensions.


Products included in the package


Current account

Currency: lei
Destination: for collecting pension funds

Debit card

BCR MasterCard / BCR Visa Electron
Discounts of up to 20% with BCR partner retailers

Term deposits

Interest bonus: 0.20% in addition to the standard rate for term deposits in Lei with a maturity between 3 and 12 months, with fixed interest


Amount granted: a maximum of three pensions, ceiling that is activated instantly upon the first transfer of pension funds to the current account
Co-signers: no more than 1 internal co-signer
Age limit: must not exceed the age of 66 upon requesting (65 year olds allowed)
Granting period: 24 months, without exceeding the age of 68

Services included

  • Internet and Phone Banking - Click and Alo 24 Banking BCR (Username and Password access)
  • SMS Pension Alert - alerts for the collection of pension funds

Free transaction-related features

  • Payment of invoices for utilities at BCR ATMs - the largest available network of ATMs
  • Cash withdrawals from BCR ATMs - a maximum of 3,000 lei/10 transactions/day
  • Interrogation of balance at BCR ATMs - 24/24 hours, 7 days a week


✔ Package price: 2.00 Lei


  • copy of ID
  • request to transfer the pension to the current account from the package or pension slip, as required
  • certificate of retirement in original and invoice for utilities (in case of requesting an overdraft)

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