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The ClasiCont package

Want an account that you can use to perform banking operations more easily? Choose the ClasiCont package and benefit from competitive prices for the services you need.


  • Useful for your current payments: invoices, loan installments and other payments, which are easier to perform;
  • Put your worries aside by paying all your invoices on time and always having proof of payment;
  • All operations are easy, convenient and fast, at any BCR ATM;
  • Highly advantageous unique cost, with 0 fee applied for making purchases with a card;
  • Get notices on when your salary/allowance or benefit is collected in the account.
  • ZERO cash-in fee in your current account, regardless of the bank from which you receive the money


5,5 lei monthly fee


24/7 to all types of transactions


0 on card payment purchases

Why choose ClasiCont?

Safety of payments

  • By having confirmation of payment, regardless of the payment method used
  • Free payment of invoices via any channel: Internet & Mobile Banking, ATM, Direct Debit, payment of invoices via phone

Control and Access Funds

  • Through confirmations of payment (ATM receipt, account statement, balance information via Phone Banking)
  • Internet & Mobile Banking: free access via username and password or eToken

Safety of Cash - through the attached debit card

  • Safe card payments
  • By using your card, you save time, since you don't have to wait for your change at the desk

Reduced costs

  • Small monthly costs, compared to the benefits gained

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