Mobility service

Welcome to BCR! Mobility means having the possibility to choose the best bank for you!

Do you receive salary in a current account which you have with other bank, but you would like to enjoy the advantages and freedom offered by BCR’s current account packages? Nothing is easier. You come to the nearest BCR branch, you sign a form, and we take care of the rest.


  • The account transfer is free of charge
  • Simple and easy - a single trip to the bank and a single document filled-in (Authorization Form)
  • The operations are performed by BCR, which will manage all communications with the previous bank (“the old bank”).
  • You choose one of BCR's current account packages and you enjoy a lot of benefits: reduced fees, Internet and Mobile Banking, and many more


  • You can request the transfer of any current account opened on the territory of Romania, as well as of its related services, to any other bank in Romania (“the new bank”)
  • The services you can transfer are the following: Standing Order, Direct Debit, recurring incoming transfers (for instance: salary, pension etc.) and/or current account balance
  • In addition to the transfer of services, you may also request the closing of the current account held with the previous bank.

The service regarding the mobility of accounts addresses private individual customers who wish to transfer their current accounts and/or the services associated to them, which they have with other banks, to BCR. For further details on the transfer of accounts, please access the Guide on the payment account switching service


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